Why Hire A Campervan To Stay In Adelaide

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Wondering where your next vacation spot should be when on a campervan hire tour in Australia? Check out Adelaide! Capital of South Australia, and beautiful coastal jewel, Adelaide is home to around 1.3 million inhabitants. The largest city in South Australia, it is also one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing vacation while touring Australia.

Historical Monuments

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A must-visit while traveling in campervan hire Adelaide are the historical monuments. Some to visit include The Adelaide Museum & Sciencentre, The Great Southern Museum, The Flinders Street Historic House, The Lockwood Gallery, and The Old Cathedral. All of these historical landmarks represent Adelaide as it was centuries ago. The Flinders Street historic house is a must-visit, as are the South Bank Hotel, The Adelaide Arcade, Lockwood Gallery, The Groomer Place Hotel, The National Motorcycle Museum, and The New South Wales Motorcycle Museum.

Sir Donald Bradman Drive is another must-visit in Australia’s capital city of Adelaide. In this road you will encounter some interesting architectural designs that make up the city’s past. Sir Donald Bradman Drive is also known as the ‘drive in Australia’. This road is the oldest road in the state of South Australia. You will come across a lot of interesting sites along the way, such as The Reservoir, King William Island, and The Olinda Foreshore. To make your time in south Australia complete, you might also like to explore the Adelaide Museum & Sciencentre or The Botanic Gardens.

How To Hire A Campervan?

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If you’re in the mood for something different when you visit Australia’s largest city, then you should consider campervan hire Adelaide for your trip. There are a lot of activities that you can do while you’re on holiday in Adelaide. The first thing you will notice is that there are a lot of options when it comes to travelling around the city. If you are interested in taking in the nightlife, there are plenty of pubs and clubs for you to enjoy. If you want to explore the more cultural aspects of the place, you can try visiting The Domain, Royal Park, and the National Park.

If you are interested in the outdoors, you will not want to miss out on the numerous activities that are available in the national park. The park is known for a large variety of wildlife, including the endangered kangaroos. When you campervan hire Adelaide you can see what all the fuss is about by taking in the various picnic facilities set in the park. There is also plenty of walking and horseback riding available, as well as camping opportunities in case you decide to stay overnight.

Adelaide Castle

The biggest attraction in the area is the Adelaide Castle, which is almost five hundred years old. The museum inside the castle is one of the most important in the region, as it allows you to see the different periods in history that have taken place. If you like historical sites, you should definitely plan to visit the Adelaide Castle while you are on holiday in Adelaide. When you hire a campervan in Adelaide you will be able to travel around the area in a much smaller area than you would if you were travelling by car. It’s much easier to get around the city on foot, and you won’t have to worry about traffic as much.

Final Words

If you are looking for a unique experience, you should consider taking a motorhome holiday in South Australia. The availability of motorhome rentals in Adelaide makes this an ideal destination for a family holiday. When you hire a campervan in Adelaide you will be able to travel around the area in a much smaller area than you would if you were travelling using a car. It’s much easier to see all of the main sights and tourist attractions in the area when you travel with a motorhome, so you can really enjoy your time on the trip.

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