Why Camping Is Rising

Why Camping Is Rising In Popularity, Especially Among Millennials

Let’s get one thing very clear: camping is always been cool although it is always been a favorite Fun Time amount of young people. As per the North American camping report 2019, there are millennials likely to introduce themselves as lifetime campers. Therefore, camping is rising in popularity. According to research, North American campers who visit two or more time a year has a 72 percent increase since 2014. Also, add seven million more families who were camping with children who camp to the American and Canadian campgrounds. However, according to the report, younger campers are assisting the backpacking and hiking popularity while they camp.

However, many campers select the traditional camping approach include sleeping in tents. On the other side, numerous millennials are deciding to camp in cabins. According to the report, in 2016, 14 percent of campers have used cabins, and in 2018, the percentage has increased, 21 percent of campers have used cabins. Also, the study shows that campers become more varied than ever. Moreover, in 2018, 51 percent nonwhite and 56 percent were millennials went for the camping first time. Since 2014 when the study starts, the first time or nonwhite campers percentage out space the new campers percentage. And these fresh campers are recognized as Caucasian.

Why Camping Is Rising In Popularity, Especially Among Millennial's
Why Camping Is Rising In Popularity, Especially Among Millennial’s

Why Camping Is Rising In Popularity

When camping becomes “glamping,” that comes with the trend and every age people were showing interest. Fifty percent millennials were showing interest in 2018 glamping, while 25 percent millennials said they wanted to go in 2017. Additionally, glamping is unique and different camp accommodations. It includes various services such as spas, king-sized beds, luxury yurts, and private chefs as well. Meanwhile, many glamping companies have been offering eco-friendly services to resort and traditional hotel accommodations. Some take benefits of solar power to provide their guest facilities to enjoy with nature, composting toilets, and local food.

Different Camping Styles

Another camping style is van life that provides motorized vehicles class or camper vans. Its primary benefit is it quickly go from one place to another without needed any tent and find the electric source. Between 2017 and 2018, 4 percent of millennials have been trying van life experience. Those who seek van life get a chance to close with nature and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle.

According to the study, spending some hours in a pure environment can improve mental health. Camping provides the chance to spend time with nature and getting advance benefits. Furthermore, activities like hiking, which often provide better exercise, even settle your site counts and tent!

According to research, 2018 also comes with a significant number of lifelong self-identified campers. Meanwhile, many millennials identified themselves as self-identified campers.

Since the research started in 2014, the North American campers percent has almost double. The people who were optimistic about their career in camping were millennials and families. Also, 61 percent of millennials said they aim more camping in 2019.

Why Camping Is Rising In Popularity, Especially Among Millennials
Why Camping Is Rising In Popularity, Especially Among Millennials

The Last Words

There’s no doubt that a career in camping looks bright. Thus, if you belong to one of those type families, then consider yourself a very lucky guy. It means you already have a bigger pack of camp!

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