What You Should Know About The New Volkswagen Campervan

new volkswagen campervan

Volkswagen is known to produce some of the best campervans ever seen. From the legendary microbus, Volkswagen has always produced quality vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts. The vans always come compact, quick and light. Another advantage these campervans have on other types of campers, is that they can be parked anywhere. You can even drive them daily, if you so wish.

A typical Volkswagen campervan features a folding table, water storage, curtains on the side windows, cold box, storage cabinet, and many other unique features. The latest in line of these vans is the new Volkswagen campervan. Hence, we discuss what you should know about the campervan.

General Overview Of The New Volkswagen Campervan

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The new Volkswagen campervan fits both home and camp use. It can confidently stand as a leisure vehicle, when it’s not being used for travel. It features engines and interior fittings of the highest quality.

You also get to appreciate the internet connection services embedded in the van, alongside detailed driver assistance services, as well as an up-to-date information and entertainment service. The new campervan is summarily your home on wheels.

The New Campervan Offers Comfort

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Despite the small space, you’ll feel comfortable whichever area you are in the van. It features an elevating roof that you can easily set up electrically. The elevating roof means that you have extra space in the passenger compartment to move. When night falls, the roof also means that you can easily turn the van into a comfortable bedroom space.

In the van is also a fully fitted mini-kitchen, giving you the luxury to prepare a meal easily, at any time. The kitchen features a sink and stove unit, and even a cool box. It also offers space to effectively store the meals you prepare. There are also camping tables and chairs you can set up outside the van when it’s time to enjoy your meal.

Experience Connectivity Like Never Before

Your journey in the new campervan will never get boring; it features mobile online services and infotainment services that ensure your comfort. An added advantage is that there’s an integrated SIM card that gives you access to online services. The infotainment system also features a touchscreen control, and an improved graphics.

The new Volkswagen campervan also features a customisable digital cockpit, a leather steering wheel that offers you a firm grip and fingertip control, and a camper control panel.


The new Volkswagen campervan is the latest in line of high quality vans produced by the company. It features amazingly new features, and upgrades to old features. We discuss what you should know about the new campervan.

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