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campervan iceland

Tired of the regularity of the same routine! Planning on arranging a campervan vacation? But wondering what will suit your mood the best? Well, this covers you perfectly, since Campervan Iceland is here to the rescue. The deal covers several packages, on which you can plan your vacation substantially. Let us now begin with-

The Packages That You Can Enjoy(Camper)

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The package is very nominal and offers the customer unlimited Km/Miles. The arrangement is for a maximum of 5 seats and 5 beds. Well, there is lots more to talk about such as, a customer gets to enjoy –

  • Double beds.
  • Free table and chair to have quality time without carrying your own.
  • You get to have an automatic heating system for your sleeping area.
  • Customers also get to have a gas stove, linen, pillows, blankets, pots, pans, an operable sink, refrigerator, cooler, kitchenware, and radio/CDs.
  • Besides, each family gets to enjoy Wifi, a roof tent, fuel discount card, and CDW insurance.

The Camper package let’s one have –

  • Campervan Play 
  • Campervan Auto
  • Camperfun Fun
  • Campervan XL
  • Campervan 4×4 Mercedes Marco Polo
  • Campervan 4×4 VX California
  • Campervan 4×4 economy VW Crafter 

This package is evidently ideal for a family of four and more.

The Packages That You Can Enjoy (Motorhome)

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Here each of the customers gets to make use of-

  • Unlimited kilometers/miles
  • Seats and beds of a maximum of 6 people.
  • Pillows, duvet, towels, linens, crockery, kitchenware, cutlery, sink with operable faucets, 3-way freezer, dual or triple gas hob cooker, and drinking water of maximum 100 liters.
  • Well, there is more, like, a wastewater tank of a maximum of 100 lts.
  • Toilet and hot shower, Truma heating system, Webasto heating system, GPS tablet along with additional 4G, and radio/CDs.
  • Customers can also ask for an optional driver.
  • Additionally, they get 2 camping chairs, one table, and more to enjoy.
  • Lastly, there is CDW insurance with several packages.

The Motorhome that people gets you to try are-

  • Motorhome Cute
  • Motorhome Comfy
  • Motorhome Premium
  • Motorhome Lexus
  • Motorhome Exequsite
  • Motorhome Economy

More On The Campervan Pack That You Get To Avail Of Are-

People get to luxuriate several more facilities such as –

  • Gravel Protection
  • Sand And Ash Protection
  • Premium & Zero Risk Package
  • Camping Card
  • Inverter
  • Extra Chairs
  • GPS Navigation system
  • Baby car seat
  • SCDW Insurance
  • Extra drivers(It is suggested by Campervan Iceland )

But Why Choose Campervan Iceland?

The brand is based in Reykjavik and has around 7 years of touring experience in hand. Campervan Iceland also loves cooperating with experienced and local partners. In addition, the brand offers a vast collection of campervans, those are maintained with regular inspection sessions which is brilliant. Only pay 15% of the total cost, for on-site booking, then pay the rest after confirmation. Additionally Campervan Iceland offers 24/7 telephonic assistance to their customers with no extra charge apart from the rental you pay. In fact, you can cancel your booking even just before the pickup hours. 

Concluding With

Campervan Iceland helps one take part in Madre De Dios Children’s Shelter support where they invest around 5%  of its gross profit which is a highly appreciable attitude, right? Hence taking a chance with Campervan Iceland is very much considerable? Give it a try  and plan your next vacation in the upcoming season with Campervan Iceland.

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