Volkswagen Campervan Tent – Improvements on the Camping Service

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If you love camping and long-distance travel, then why not go for a VW campervan? It’s the ultimate travel companion. What’s more, it can be hired on a per-day our entire holiday. That’s right; if you need to camp out over the weekend, all you need to do is dismantle your campers and pack everything back in. You can also hire them as motor homes when you take a road trip.

Volkswagen campervan tents are very easy and quick to set up too. Almost all tents come with double pole adjustable bungee cords with excellent connector click connectors. Quite frankly, popping it straight up is idiot-proof! The tents are very spacious, comfortably sleeping up to four people inside the two interior rooms. The best feature is that all official Volkswagen campervan models are now available with these tents, and they have an improved design.

Volkswagen Campervan Tent

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The tent is quite easy to assemble as all the technical instructions are clearly mentioned in the manual. There are some minor variations in models depending on the model and make, but the basic setup of all the official Volkswagen campervan tents is very similar. There are many positive comments that campers are really enjoying using the improved design. According to campers, the tent is much easier to set up, and they find it much more comfortable sleeping in the tent. They also reported that the floor of the tent is much warmer when compared to the traditional floor of a motor home, and they are much more relaxed as there is no fear of slipping on slippery surfaces inside.

Campers can find everything that they need inside the tent room. There is an oven, a stove with fuel and gas, a refrigerator, a microwave and an extractor. A lot of campers report that the stove and gas are easy to use. According to manufacturers, there are no major differences in the feel of the interior compared to other vans on the market. In fact, these new Volkswagen campervan models are also equipped with modern double glazed windows and doors, which ensure complete security for the camper and its passengers.

A Much Ado

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As mentioned, campers are offered a choice between a hardtop and a soft top for the interior of the tent room. A hardtop is certainly a highly recommended option because they offer much better protection from the weather while still maintaining the camper’s overall aesthetic appeal. The roof should be strongly supported so that it does not blow away in heavy winds. These roofs also make it much easier to get into and out of the vehicle. It is important to note that the soft top material does not have the same level of strength, it is much more susceptible to damage and abrasion, especially from harsh sunlight, sharp rocks, or anything pointed at it.

Campers can choose between a gas and an electric stove. Both of these are available in the improved design. The electric stove has been designed with more efficient heating technology, providing more precise temperatures throughout the whole of the camping trip. With the improved design, the stove takes up much less space. A lot of campers will find that this makes parking much easier.

The improved design comes with a number of improvements. Campers will no longer experience interference from nearby trees and shrubs. They will also be able to bring their personal equipment inside, which would be impossible if they chose to use the traditional model. Furthermore, they will be able to bring their bikes or even their riding lawn mowers inside the tent! No more need to worry about them getting stuck outside when the weather turns nasty!

Bottom Line

Campers may opt to hire an operator for the duration of their camping trip. Hiring such a service can help make the trip a lot smoother, with more organized and reliable service. If one has purchased a new campervan, then there will be a number of things to take into account. Such as fitting it with the correct engine capacity, selecting the correct fuel for the vehicle and selecting the correct camping gear. It’s a lot easier to enjoy your camping trip if it is handled by an experienced campervan rental company, who will provide all the necessary advice for you to have a good and enjoyable tim

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