Vintage Camper Shell Designs And Things To Be Noted Before Purchase

vintage camper shell

A camper shell is quite reliable and convenient for camping. While planning or buying for a Vintage camper shell check camper floor-length, overall length, height, and width, living area headroom, freshwater capacity, LPG capacity, sleeping, and truck capacity. Converting a truck to a living area are quite interesting. Most travelers love to build and design their own camper shell. Vintage camper shell needs to be designed in such a way that it gives the comfort of your home. If you love to have adventure travel in forest vintage camper shell is best. No hotel charges. The first and foremost thing is to concentrate on the kitchen part. Cooking and washing facilities need to be given more importance. Rather than spending money, you have to spend your time to bring out the efficient design of the vintage camper shell. You can build your own camper or you can buy from others also. People who are good at interior design work can modify the camper according to your taste.

Vintage Camper Shell Plans

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In the olden days, the toppers are covered by metals. Later it’s found rusted. So nowadays they are made of Fiberglass. One of the main advantages of a vintage camper shell is that we no need to prepare an extra tent outside. Be cautious while choosing the materials for constructing your camper. Include wood framing, aluminum framing, PVC pipes with fiberglass or plywood sides. Adhesives are used for PVC pipes. In some places, you need to use woods and nails.

While planning, take accurate measurements of all the areas say the bed of the truck. Give importance to small windows. While building a vintage camper shell wear glasses, gloves for your safety measures. Note the length and width of the bed. You have to create holes to fix the windows. You have to complete the shell first. Make use of four C-clamps to attach the shell strongly. You can buy even a small air conditioner. While designing keep in mind the weight of how much your truck is going to hold.

Even a toilet or stove may add more weight. Once you completed the roof portion, then you can design the inside according to your taste. Use space efficiently. While buying check the indicators, brakes. The simple vintage camper shell outing plan includes traveling and exploring forest areas. If you feel difficult in constructing your own camper then you can buy a used one. Check the warranty while buying the camper.


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Many online websites are selling vintage camper shells at a cheap cost. All you need is time to construct your camper. You need to be aware of the basic materials that are used to build a camper shell. Take all necessary materials while camping and track the weather conditions. Torchlight is a must in the camper shell. Carry lightweight utensils. Have a first aid kit. A tonneau cover can be used. It is a softcover in order to enhance the aerodynamics.

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