Vintage Camper Accessories – Bedding Essentials You Cannot Miss Out On

vintage camper accessories

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always straight forward when camping. Though being closer to nature helps in stress reduction and improve your sleep but a comfortable sleep under the canvas doesn’t justify the very thought of it. From a humble sleeping mat to luxurious chairbeds there are tons of product to satisfy the sleepy heads in midst of nature. Here are some vintage camper accessories and bedding essentials.

Vintage Camper Accessories

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Sleeping mat

This kind of bed generally consists of sponge foam mat and includes 2 tie down straps to keep it compact. The foam acts as an insulator too and keeps away from cold ground, prevents moisture absorption and smooth out minor surface irregularities for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

● Pros

All in one

Easy to carry and transport

Available in single and double variant

● Cons

Can be restrictive

Self inflating sleeping mats

It is essentially like a thin air mattress with a layer of foam padding inside. When valve is opened, the air is automatically sucked in. It can be stuffed in backpacking bag easily.

● Pros

Light weight

Maximize tent sleeping space

● Cons

Not padded enough for those with hip and back problem

More Vintage Camper Accessories

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Limited insulation

Folding camp beds

Stretched canvas is generally attached to a folding aluminium frame. Two aluminium poles are placed either end to end and slot into position to pull the canvas taut and keep the whole frame rigid.

● Pros

They don’t deflate overnight.

Provides secure sleeping condition

● Cons

Much heavier to carry

Big to transport

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is portable bedding for camping and sleeping outdoors. They are well insulated and come with zipper. Primarily it works in keeping the body warm and secure from insects. There are lightly insulated bags which are used for summer camping. Along with insulation, they provide water resistance against precipitation and chill winds.

● Pros

All in one


● Cons

Can be restrictive

Only single variant


Blankets are required when camping in cold conditions. Most of the backpackers choose good insulated sleeping bags over it. But if local supply is present, blankets can be accommodated in a tent for warm sleep.

Not To Forget


Bringing pillows can give a peaceful and well positioned sleep. Small foam padded or a self inflatable camp pillow. There are various types of backper bags which provide holders for pillow.

Eye mask and earplugs

In situations where camping site is near a light source disturbing your eyes while sleeping, eye masks can be helpful. To keep those sounds of bushes at bay, earplugs can be used.

Headlamps and flashlights

Although headlamps have surged in popularity, flashlights remain a good choice whenever a handheld device is preferred. They’re a prerequisite for any overnight backpacking or camping. A flashlight with good beam distance, run time, impact resistance, water resistance and light output is to be preferred. A pack of extra batteries is advisable when camping for nights in a stretch.


Though the concept of camping and backpacking has been there for over a hundred years but the interest and increased participation of people has seen the launch of various camp related things which have become an essential to-have for camping nowadays.

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