Top 9 Creative Vintage Camper Interiors

A van parked on the side of a road

Are you looking for some interior design for your camper? Why not go full vintage? This amazing feature about some creative vintage camper interiors might just help you decide where to gather inspiration. Let’s jump right away!

Big Little Life

A bus that is parked on the side of a road

If you want to have the feeling of living inside an apartment, this vintage interior design is for you. Its design ideas are carefully place in order to provide that spacious and cozy feeling. It also includes a large television for late night watching.

Roaming With Rob

A vintage truck that is sitting on top of a car

If you have a smaller van, then this idea can suit your interior design needs. By using modern day innovations, @roamingwithrob was still able to squeeze in all the essentials in a small van. Not only that, its minimalistic design also makes it more clutter-free.

Van Steading

A van parked on the side of a road

This amazing design is one of the most unique camper interior conversions ever made. Its curved nature is so eye catching that it takes away the natural “boxy” shape of the van. This design was inspired from old sheep wagons, plus the touch of rustic wood gives it an old-world aura.

Camper Van Craftsman

If you prefer being spacious and elegant, then this vintage interior design is for you. It features a skylight to allow any kind of outer light inside the camper. Also, it features a unique curved partition to maximize interior space.

Vincent Vanlife

This eye-catching camper interior design by @vincentvanlife is perfect for every camper who values perfect balance. The use of dark wood even adds more vintage feeling into it. Meanwhile, the kitchen is complimented by a wooden bedspace, giving the feeling of a genuine cabin. Lastly, the spic rack creates an eye-catching point for those who enters the camper for the first time.

This Moving House

It is difficult to imagine that its interior designs are successfully made in a sprinter van. The smart usage of curvatures between the roof and walls makes it look like more of a boat cabin. This vintage interior has a more nautical feel into it, which is perfect for camping by the seaside.

Mavis The Airstream

This vintage interior design resembles like it came from some design magazine because of its curved, and balanced walls, and contrasting flooring. You’ll love being inside here, because of the spacious feel it emits. Also, the whitewashed ceiling and walls allows maximum light to get in.

Who Knows Where Next

If you’re having trouble for space management, @whoknowswherenext can be your source of inspiration. It will provide you all the ideas and solutions of living small. It features include a flip down table to maximize space. This design is perfect for any retrostyle lovers out there.

Wanderland Vans

If you want something unique, you can have some inspiration from @wanderlandvans. It has the perfect balance of design and color choice. The design may be simple but the camper still able to bring the essentials needed such as kitchen, bed, and storage.

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