Top 5 Cheap Campervan Rental Destinations in Barcelona

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It has tentatively won rave reviews for being so friendly and having many extra features. For example, there are Android applications that will allow you to surf the Internet or watch TV on your RV computer. Other helpful tech accessories include air-conditioning units that will keep you cool in winter, a freezer and fridge, and high power BBQ so that you can cook up your own meals. Other accessories include ceiling fans, CD/DVD players, and TVs with VCRs and DVD players.

While at “Hoy”, you can choose from a range of luxurious and compact models with different amenities. Some of the most popular brands on the market include Holiday Rambler, Aluma Express and Pacific RV. There are different sizes ranging from small to large and they all have comfortable cabins and wide spacious beds. There are single, double and king-sized bedrooms so there should be a size that will fit your group. The prices start from around $949 for a single adult. You get the same quality of service as a luxury hotel, with maid’s services and daily housekeeping, and a delicious meal in your room.

Old Town Square Hotel

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For those who wish to experience a little taste of the “real” Puerto Rican culture, the brand New World Tour and the Old Town Square Hotel offer cultural experience seekers an unforgettable opportunity to see authentic Puerto Rican life. Tourists can also visit the beautiful San Juan Arch, which is over one hundred years old and still in perfect condition. Another great attraction is the world-famous Alta Blanca Coffee Festival. For travelers passing through the colonial old part of town, many sights are worth taking a trip to. For example, at each corner of this historic district, a beautiful eight-story building rises from the ground and becomes a home to locals artisans and musicians.

For those who want a taste of Spanish culture, there is San Francisco’s Historic Gaslamp District, which is located between Mariposa and San Francisco streets. In the center of this district is the famous Gaslamp Quarter, which contains many narrow alleyways and boutiques that display works of art and modern day crafts. Visit the beautiful old Mission Inn, which was built in 1820 and sits near the Gaslamp District. Other great locations include the Presidio Park and Presidio Trust.

Spain’s Oldest City

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Tourists who want to experience Spain’s oldest city can check out the historic Iberia town. Situated on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Iberia del Tequila is just an hour south of San Francisco proper. The Iberian peninsula is home to both the Bahia de Banaras and the Bahia Columbia, as well as several surrounding islands. The peninsula also includes a large amount of protected natural preserves that are home to a variety of flora and fauna. While in Iberia, tourists can visit the many archaeological sites including the Xochicalco, Tulum, and Chichen Itza.

If you are looking for a little bit of Latin excitement, Cartagena will be right up your alley. Once known as Spain’s “New City”, Cartagena has been ranked as the number one tourist spot in the entire world. The exciting thing about Cartagena is that it is not just a beach town; instead, it is also a major city and center for international banking. 

Placa La Gouta

The spectacular skyline and the beautiful cobblestone streets are a sight to behold, and there are many beautiful hotels to choose from. There are also funds in Cartagena that allow visitors to obtain a green card, so if you’re planning on visiting Spain or Latin America in the near future, this is definitely a place you should look into.

While we are in Barcelona, it would be a great idea to stop by at the Placa La Gouta, which is a wonderful cobblestone-lined walkway that leads directly to the Barcelona sunset. On a hot summer day, the view from the Placa La Gouta can be breathtaking, and walking along the cobblestone paths is a truly romantic experience. There are many beautiful sights to see while in Barcelona, including the Gothic quarter, the Gaudi House, and the Sagrada Familia.


If you are looking for a unique dining experience in Barcelona, I recommend Punta Prima. Founded in 1894, this small but cozy restaurant is known for a variety of dishes with seafood as the main theme. The Cote d’ Orcie is an incredibly charming cobblestone-paved street that leads up to a small cobbled alcove at the end of which you will find at this small but cozy establishment where you can sit down, order a plate of their delicious seafood and, if you like, enjoy a beer or two. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see in Barcelona, but a trip to Cote d’ Price is among my top recommendations.

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