The Top Five Car Camping Essentials

car camping essentials

If you’re planning a camping trip this summer then there are a few car camping essentials you’ll need to pack before leaving on your trip. Having everything planned out beforehand will help you on your journey. It also makes things a lot easier if something does go wrong or if you or your car gets a flat tire. Here are the basic camping essentials you’ll need to bring on your next car camping trip.

Camping Tents 

A good night’s sleep is essential when car camping so make sure you pack a good quality tent. There are many different types of tents available depending on your budget, your preference in colors, and even the number of people who are sleeping in the tent. A very popular alternative to tents is inflatable sleeping bags or pads. These pads are made from waterproof material that conforms to your body shape and provides an easy and comfortable place to sleep. They are very lightweight but because of their size, they are among the most expensive of all the car camping essentials so be sure to get a good night’s sleep on top of one.

Cooking Gear 

Most people who go on a camping trip tend to pack the bare essentials. Thus, it’s important to pack the right type of equipment as well. One of the most important car camping essentials is a quality set of camping cooking equipment. Camping cookware includes a portable rotisserie grill, a stainless steel pan, pans with nonstick coatings, and utensils to cook with like spoons, knives, ladles, and forks.


And don’t forget your string lights! Another one of the most popular car camping essentials is to pack a pair of small lanterns for safety and entertainment. Look for clear glass lanterns to ensure your safety and to make the most of your lighting possibilities. Look for battery-operated lantern models to save money and to make your trips easier.

Sleeping Bags and or Pad Set 

Another of the most important car camping essentials is your camping sleeping pad. You must have a good night’s sleep, so look for a pad that provides maximum comfort and support. The main features to look for include high-quality pads with waterproof/breathable material, zipper feet, and an anti-fatigue foam surface. Don’t forget your flashlight! Some of the best sleeping pads have a built-in LED light, so it’s a good idea to pack one as well.

First Aid Kits or Aromatherapy Items 

A good first aid kit is another important part of any car camping essentials list. You never know what might happen so make sure you have a first aid kit that contains the necessary items for medical assistance in case of a crash or fall. Some advanced first aid kits also come with an emergency flotation device, which is useful in the case of an emergency. Other emergency items to add to your kit include water bottles and fuel bottles. You should always keep a can of handheld portable oil or gasoline in your trunk as well in case you run out of fuel in a remote area.

Air Mattress 

Whether you are car camping in the mountains or at the beach, an air mattress can be a real comfort. An air mattress can provide you with the right amount of comfort when temperatures drop. Make sure you pack an air mattress with you when traveling as the last thing you want is dealing with a painful cold bottom after a hard day hiking. An air mattress is highly recommended over a traditional sleeping bag or sleeping pad as they provide more room to spread out and relax.

Camping Gear 

For a successful camp, you will need to pack some basic camping gear. This may consist of a Coleman double wide double stroller, a folding camping chair, sturdy hiking boots, an extra-large sleeping bag, high-quality ropes, corduroys, a first aid kit, and other miscellaneous items. The most important gear that should not be left behind is a headlamp because it is the best way to find your way in the dark. The other essential items are a compass, signaling devices, a camping or portable stove, a can opener, a knife, bug spray, a spare battery, and some food and drink.

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