The Essential Camping Gear

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There is no “the Essential Camping gear’. I’ve slept under the stars using my coat as a blanket and a rock as a pillow many times. At its most basic camping costs nothing but time.

I refuse to pay for camp. Flat out, I will never pay someone to sleep outside. I’ve stayed at places that call themselves campgrounds before, but I didn’t pay, and there was a boat launch that we needed right there so. Usually, I just park along some forest service road and sleep either on a cot or in the back of the truck under the stars. My best friend and I went on a month-long road trip to see the eclipse in Oregon, and we slept like that every night across five states except a couple of days in California to go wine tasting.

The Essential Camping Gear To Count On While You Are Camping-
The Essential Camping Gear To Count On While You Are Camping-

The Cheapest Form To Adopt

Just me and my best friend two cots our blankets and pillows from home, and that’s it. We bought food every day as we moved along and didn’t start fires at night, didn’t want everything to smell like smoke.

Winter camping, backpacking, hunting, mountaineering, these things require gear, but regular old camping is as free and easy as you want it to be. However, for staying on the safer side of the lake, you need to make sure that you have the gear. I mentioned the cheapest yet possible method of camping. However, this went fine for my friend and me. However, this might not turn all positive for you, therefore, check out the essentials for the camping I mentioned below-

How To Choose Tents For Camping
How To Choose Tents For Camping

The Essential Camping Gear To Carry

First are your Ten Systems; Food, Water, Shelter, Insulation, Fire, First Aid, Repair, Navigation, Illumination, and Sun Protection. Every single time.

After that, it’s all comfort. When I say that, I mean you should bring the least and lightest gear you can muster. My definition of camping (backpacking (wilderness)) is comfortably surviving an inhospitable environment with as little as is safely possible. Some people see nothing wrong with hauling around a five-pound tent and or filling a 65-liter pack because it still has room. Not me. So, keep it as light and small as you safely can.

Your shelter system is likely going to weigh the most unless you do what I do and use a tarp. I enjoy cold weather camping, so I don’t often have to worry about insects. In bug weather, I have a military bug shelter that goes under the tarp.

My sleep system comprises an air mattress and a sleeping bag. If it’s going to be unusually cold, a closed-cell foam (think; a thick yoga mat) underneath the mattress.

My cook system includes a homemade alcohol stove and other bits and parts I made myself. You can see it here: UL Backpacking Kitchen, which I submitted as a DIY instructable. It has everything but food and water and weighs about a pound and a half.

All my clothing is either wool or synthetics. They wick moisture and dry quickly. Yes, cotton kills.

I enjoy wearing boots where I do most of my hiking and backpacking, though sturdy trail shoes will suffice in most places.

Wear or have a wind- and waterproof layer, like a rain jacket or a technical jacket.

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