The Best Campgrounds in Asia

campgrounds in asia

The best campgrounds in Asia are quite different from those in North America. In the U.S., camping is a way to reconnect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors, but that’s not at all true for many Asians. They have been going on family trips to their country’s national parks for generations and they love it!

Asia has a variety of different climates and terrains which means there are a lot of options to suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking for mountains, beaches, or jungle campsites, we’ve got something for everyone from Thailand to India. So pack your bags and get ready to explore these amazing camping destinations on your next adventure!

Camping in the Himalayas (Nepal and India)

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Camping in Nepal and India is one of the most popular campgrounds in Asia.

The Himalayas are known for their beautiful views and amazing hiking trails.

Himalayan foothills are filled with lush jungles, beautiful waterfalls, and some of the best wilderness you can find. The most popular destinations for camping in Nepal are lodges around Pokhara or Gorakhpur. Both of these lodges offer fully furnished tents and delicious home-cooked meals for a reasonable price, so there’s no reason not to spend your days hiking through the jungle instead. They’re also home to some of the lowest camping prices in Asia, making them quite popular with backpackers.

Camping in Bali (Indonesia)

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Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations which means there are a lot of campgrounds available.

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, but the best camping spots are located in Bali’s national park or Ubud.

Ubud has amazing wildlife and some of the most incredible views on the island. The lush forests make it one of the most popular places to visit in Bali.

Camping here is the best way to explore the island and enjoy some amazing activities like tubing, canoeing, or hiking.

If you’re looking for a more secluded camping experience without all of the crowds, then head over to Balangan Beach where you can pitch your tent on nearly deserted beaches. All you need is a tent and you can enjoy views of the Pacific without any of the noise.

Camping in the Philippines

The Philippines has a wide variety of climates and terrains, so it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of places to go camping here.

Some of these campgrounds include El Nido, Coron, and Palawan.

El Nido is one of the best places for beach camping in Asia, but Coron and Palawan are also great campgrounds if you’re looking for a more natural setting. All of these campgrounds offer amazing views, comfortable conditions, and some of the lowest prices in Asia.

Camping in Thailand

The best camping spots in Thailand are located all over the country and range from jungle jungles to beaches.

Many of these campsites include low-budget bungalows which mean you don’t have to pitch your tent or sleep on the ground if you don’t want to.

If you’re looking for fun and quirky campgrounds, head over to Khok Khram jungle where you can sleep in an army bunker surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are also other campgrounds located around Thailand which will be happy to accept your tent if that’s more your style.

Just remember that you need a special permit for national parks and protected areas which can be obtained from the Department of National Parks in Khao Lak.

Camping in Sri Lanka

The best campgrounds in Sri Lanka are found deep in its jungle forests, but there are also some low-budget bungalows located near the beaches if you prefer that type of camping.

Sri Lanka is home to some amazing wildlife and lakes, which are two reasons why it’s one of the most popular campgrounds in Asia. The best campsites are located in Kanneliya Forest Reserve where you can pitch your tent alongside wild elephants every night! If you prefer a more traditional bungalow camping experience, then head to Mirissa where you can find some of the best beaches in Asia.

If you’re looking for more wildness, then head over to Godapola where you’ll have your pick of amazing national parks and wildlife reserves to explore.

Just remember that there are two different types of bungalows available: wooden and cement. The wooden bungalows are a bit cheaper, but the cement ones come with a full bathroom and kitchen.

Camping in Vietnam

There are many campgrounds located outside of Hoi An where you can pitch your tent for as little as $3 per night.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, head down to Mui Ne where you can experience the best of Vietnamese camping.

The island is known for its beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring sunsets, so pitching a tent on this island is one of the most incredible experiences in all of Asia.

Be sure to get there early because the beach fills up fast in the afternoon.

If you’re looking for beaches that allow camping, then head to Nha Trang where you can pitch your tent on nearly every beach!

If you’re looking for luxury combined with an amazing view, then Vung Tau is the place to go.

Situated on a hill with a view of the ocean, you can watch the sunset from your tent as you prepare dinner.

Just remember that during wintertime, it’s best to book in advance because these sites will be full.

Camping in Cambodia

The best campsites in Cambodia can be found on Koh Rong Island

This beautiful island is located off the coast in the Gulf of Thailand and has several secluded beaches where you can stay the night for under USD 5 per person.

There are also other campgrounds nearby if this island isn’t to your liking, but it’s known throughout Southeast Asia as being one of the best places to camp.

You can set up camp here and enjoy the beautiful beaches, but there are also other campsites throughout Cambodia where you can experience the incredible jungles or go for a more rustic camping experience in the mountains.

Just remember that camping is not permitted in Angkor Wat so keep that in mind before you plan your trip.

Camping in Japan

If you’re looking for the best campgrounds in Asia, head over to Okinawa where you can pitch your tent at several different campsites on the beach!

The city is known as being one of the most laid back cities in all of Asia, so there are plenty of camping spots where you can pitch your tent if that’s what you prefer.

It might be a bit cold to go for a dip in the ocean, but it’s still an incredible experience! There are also other campsites located around Japan, so there is no shortage of places to camp!

Just remember that while camping is permitted in most public parks, campfires are prohibited.

In the wintertime, it’s best to head over to Hokkaido where you can enjoy camping in some of the most beautiful sites in Asia.

If you’re looking for a place with excellent snowboarding and skiing, then camping in Hokkaido is perfect for you!

Just remember that during Japan’s rainy season, it’s best to avoid camping due to potential flooding.

Camping in South Korea

While many campgrounds are located along the coast, there are also campsites across the country where you can pitch your tent

The most popular site is located on Jeju Island where you can enjoy a hiking trail to the top of Halla Mountain.

There are also campgrounds located near Hoengseong where you can enjoy hiking or take a relaxing break away from your busy day-to-day life.

If you’re looking for luxury, head over to Jeju Island where you can enjoy camping in some of the most luxurious suites in all of Asia.

With a price tag of approximately USD 50 per night, these campsites are perfect for those who want a unique camping experience without going over their budget.

Just remember that if you’re going to be staying in one of the more luxurious suites then you will need to make reservations before heading out!

Camping in Laos

While Thailand might be known for its amazing beaches, there are several other places where you can put up your tent.

The best campsites in Laos can be found near Luang Prabang where you can stay the night at the foot of Mount Phousi.

Just remember that if you’re planning on heading to these campsites in the winter, then you will need to make reservations ahead of time due to the monsoon season.

Camping at Elephant Nature Park

If you want an even more memorable experience while camping in Thailand, then head over to Elephant Nature Park where your accommodations include sleeping next to elephants!

While it might seem strange, many people enjoy having elephant sleepovers!

Just remember that you will need to make reservations before your trip to stay here.

Camping is a popular summer pastime that spans the globe and Asia has hundreds of different campsites where you can pitch your tent. Whether you’re looking for luxury or something more rustic, there are plenty of options to choose from across the continent.Before you go on your camping trip, make sure to check the weather forecast and that you’re dressed appropriately for what type of terrain you’re going into (e.g., mountains vs beach). Finally, always remember sunscreen!

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