Relaxing Vacation: A Dream Or A Reality?

Relaxing Vacation: A Dream Or A Reality?

Has it ever happened to you that you feel stressed after a vacation? Or have you ever felt stressed during the vacation? The whole idea of relaxing into peace during a vacation seems far from reality.

Relaxing vacation has become an old story. Now the whole idea of being on vacation means constant need of documenting your every move.

Has it ever occurred to you that if we stop documenting our travelling, how would it feel like?

It would feel like getting back the freedom, it would feel like living in the moment. It would feel like you have become alive once again!

We are presenting you a few tips on how to relax on your vacation.

Limit Using Technology To Have A Relaxing Vacation.

If we lose sight of our cell phone even for a few seconds, it gives us anxiety.

And that is where you have to work if you are determined to have a relaxing vacation.

Get disconnected from the world which keeps pouring in through that screen of your phone. Avoid the feelings of documenting your journey for the sole purpose of uploading on Instagram or Facebook.

Take photos, record that beautiful setting sun but only for the beauty of it. This time do all of these only for yourself.

When you would aim to connect with nature and with yourself, things will work out. But if you would aim to document things, chances are you won’t be able to truly connect with things.

Skip Camera On Some Days

When you are on a vacation, take out some days to fully immerse in the surroundings. On these days don’t even take your camera with you.

Just immerse in the here and now with no demands, no expectations.

In times like these, you will experience freedom and wholeness.

Relaxing Vacation: A Dream Or A Reality?
Relaxing Vacation: A Dream Or A Reality?

Use Technology At A Predetermined Time

We understand that it is difficult to completely remove technology from your life. Therefore check your phone once a day at a fixed time only. This should be the only time when you make calls or check emails.

Relaxing Vacation Means Relaxing On Vacation

Isn’t that obvious? Well actually no.

From the time people start planning their vacation; there’s hardly any room for relaxation in their lives.

People want to see all the places, eat all kinds of food, take part in all cultural activities and the list goes on. Where is the room to relax?

When you plan your next trip, don’t forget to schedule ‘resting time’ in it. This time would be of utmost importance for your spiritual, emotional and mental health.

Imagine yourself lounging by pool/mountains/blue sky/lush greenery. At this time there is no hurry to answer calls, rush to duties or even talk. There is just you and the whole wonderful universe.

Relaxing Vacation: A Dream Or A Reality?
Relaxing Vacation: A Dream Or A Reality?

This is the time when you will truly know the meaning of a vacation.

Worrying if you don’t get to see all the places?

Well, your dream destination isn’t going anywhere. You can visit there again. But make time to relax on your next trip.


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