Places To See On Your Campervan Hire In Australia

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I will be listing some of the best places that you could join in on a one-day holiday. I will also be describing the most attractive place in Victoria to visit during this period.

The Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road, located in Melbourne’s east, is one of the most attractive places to visit. People who want to spend their holiday sunning themselves on the beach can take their pick from numerous beaches. One of the most attractive features of this road is the coral reefs around the area. You can expect to have a wonderful time swimming and relaxing on the shoreline.

Traveling to Melbourne’s south-west can provide you with an experience similar to the one described above. You can also enjoy the scenic views of the area. Melburn, just a short drive distance away, is another great holiday destination if you would like to travel to the city. A lot of people spend their holiday time travelling between the cities.

The Lowestoft, Brighton and Exeter airports are quite close to Melbourne. Travelling by public transport is quite easy as there are regular trains and buses that leave for these three places. However, if you prefer to hire a campervan, you can do so at very reasonable rates. You can also join a tour organised by the government or one of the big travel agencies.

Travelling To The Regions Of Western Australia

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Travelling to the regions of Western Australia, from Melbourne, is another popular choice for holiday makers to this part of the country. The accommodation facilities are more than satisfactory in Perth and accommodation in Perth is no longer a problem. You can find a wide range of affordable accommodations right in Perth. This makes it an ideal holiday destination to spend your holiday time in Perth. There are also a number of theme parks and water parks in the area that you can enjoy while you are here on holiday.

Visit New Zealand

If you wish to travel to New Zealand, you can also enjoy a holiday here in the same region. The accommodation facilities are quite good in New Zealand too. The travel industry has grown very rapidly in New Zealand in the recent years. The cost of accommodation has also come down considerably in this country. You will be able to find a number of budget hotels in the regions of Timaru and Pleasant Bay, for example. Holiday makers often choose to hire a campervan and visit this part of New Zealand on their way to Australia.

Bottom Line

If you are coming to Australia from Western Australia, you should take a drive down to Brisbane. There is plenty to see and do in Brisbane and this is also one of the more cosmopolitan cities in the South West. You can stay at a cheap campervan hire in Melbourne and drive down to Western Australia.

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