Mini-Campers that any Small Car can Pull

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Small campers cost less to buy and fill up with gas along the way. And they can fit in a standard garage with an 8-foot high door. Teardrop trailers, which have a curved profile usually tapering toward the rear, are popular for their lightness and the aerodynamic shape makes them efficient to tow. Here is a list of the best mini-campers.

1. Pika by Timberleaf Trailers

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Aptly named for a small, alpine mammal native to the Rocky Mountains, the Pika is a third smaller than Timberleaf’s Classic small trailer. Timberleaf is known for its lightweight teardrop shaped trailers which can be pulled by most passenger vehicles, and the Pika takes that legacy even further at just eight feet by five and a half feet.

Timberleaf’s smallest trailer comes with a 4-inch double size mattress that is suitable for one or two people. Despite just 36 inches of headroom, a skylight and side windows make it feel roomier than its tiny size would indicate. An exterior kitchen at the rear with two hydraulic gas props does a lot to make this small trailer feel spacious, too.

The Pika is available with an all-road package ready for towing behind all-wheel-drive crossover SUVs. There is also an Offroad Package, which features a Timbren Axleless suspension with a 4″ lift, 33″ BFG All-Terrain tires, electric brakes, rock armor, and Max Coupler articulating hitch. Both packages include six USB ports to help you stay charged and connected no matter where you go.

2. TAG teardrop by NuCamp

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This lightweight travel trailer can be towed behind a 4-cylinder small SUV, Honda CR-V, even up and over mountains and other steep obstacles. The interior has nicely finished wood cabinet covers and comes equipped with TV and sound system. The back opens up to reveal the kitchen, which includes a two-burner stove, cooler box, and storage shelving. The curved window at the front of the trailer opens to provide ventilation, and a view of the great outdoors.

NuCamp also offers an TAG Boondock package that’s ideal for overlanding trails. This beefier version of the TAG has the same kitchen and comfort amenities you’ll want from small campers on long excursions, but with extra features like tough off road tires, a heavy duty pitched axle, and higher ground clearance that are designed for off-road adventure.

3. TerraDrop by Oregon Trailer

Looking for a teardrop that won’t slow you down on your off-road adventures?  Look no further than the TerraDrop.  Designed and built by Oregon Trailer, a company known for their off-road options, this trailer comes with all the perks of an overlanding vehicle but is still lightweight enough to be towed by a small 4-cylinder sUV.

Some of the perks include: color changing lights below the trailer, lights installed within the wood paneling interior, magnetic cabinets, usb ports, reading lights, thermostat controlled fan, built in rack system, color changing overhead led strips in the galley, 1 ton suspension axel system, electric brakes, all terrain tires, front rack and a rear leveling system.  Since these small camper trailers are customizable, you have the ability to make this teardrop specific to your desires and adventures.

4. No Boundaries (NoBo) 10.5 by Forest River

This small camper has a clever design that makes it easy to customize, but it’s still ready to tackle outdoor sporting activities straight out of the gate with tires and suspension that give ample ground clearance and can handle rugged terrain.

The NoBo is designed to be towed by both 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles, too, giving even more consumer flexibility. And there are several different styles with slightly different features and floorplans, like the NB16.8 style that’s equipped with a plastic toilet and both grey and black water holding tanks.

So, try investing in any of these mini-campers that can be easily pulled by your small car.

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