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rent campervan usa cheap

We took an amazing sailing road trip up the Florida coast, and we did some research on motorhome rentals during the planning stages. We’ve already done the necessary work for you, so read on for a concise guide to the best camper rentals in the USA. We give you the full story on renting a camper van in this camper van guide, and then we outline all the guidance on the various campervan rental agencies, including rental places, passenger capacity, one-way fares, mileage, pet policy, and pricing. So, let’s start.

Camper Vs. Big RVs

First and foremost, although some people lump camper vans in with RVs, there are several distinctions between them and a big motorhome. The majority of recreational vehicles (RVs) are often much larger automobiles with living space and many of the facilities found in houses, such as a kitchen, toilet, and sleeping area. Wide RVs can be bulky and difficult to navigate and require a special license to operate.

Camper Van

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Camper vans have been converted to use as both travel and sleeping quarters, and they are usually less costly than RVs. The vans do not need a special driver’s license and are comparatively compact compared to most conventional RVs. All of the motorhome rentals on our list have a small built-in kitchen and a tent, in addition to a variety of other features.

Cost of Camper Van

Many companies that rent campervans do not disclose regular prices. Camper van rental prices differ widely based on the time of year you drive, the amount of time you choose to rent for (typically, the longer you rent, the higher the nighttime rate), and how much in advance you book. It’s also worth remembering that some businesses provide transportation facilities should they need to move campers from one place to another. The prices vary, but Escape Campervans, for example, offers discounts of up to 70% off with no one-way costs. 

How To Compare Prices?

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If you’re searching for the right deal, comparing camper van rental prices can be difficult because different rental firms offer different items at their rates. Let’s say rental car company A promotes a beginning base rate of $50 per day, but this rate excludes mileage and extras, including kitchen utensils and mattresses. Company B promotes their rentals for $75 a night for 150 miles a day, but they don’t include things like kitchen utensils or bedding. Company C advertises $100 per night rentals that provide 150 miles per day and amenities like bedsheets, kitchenware, and propane.

Vintage Surfari Wagons

With a VW camper bus from the 1970s, you will get a glimpse of California’s rocking road ride history. Vintage Surfari Carriages has a fleet of super cute retro VW Eurovans from the 1970s and a few groovy VW Vanagons from the 1980s. Every bus and Vanagon rental has its distinct personality, revitalized with new trim and stylish beach-inspired accents.

Last One: Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is a website that links camper van tenants and renters. Consider it a campervan equivalent to Airbnb. Outdoorsy has listings for a wide range of adventure-ready cars, from new custom camper vans and antique Airstreams, as well as RVs and motorhomes of all sizes.

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