Hymer Camper: Types Of Motorhomes

Hymer Camper: Types Of Motorhomes

Hymer Camper is a good option for people, who love traveling around the world with independence and privacy. It’s not only the latest trend for traveling, but also a modern way to travel the world. There is no need to be worried about hotel availability and bookings. You carry your accommodation in the form of Hymer Campers.

The Hymer Campervan can be purchased or get on rent throughout Europe. This is the latest traveling vogue.

It has a big storage space for luggage and family. It gives you a home-like comfort where you can sleep cook and stay during traveling. Its basic feature includes kitchen with stove, cutlery, and crockery, washroom, Fridge, gas, and electricity with a water tanker.

Below are the 5 types of Hymer Campervan

1- Hymer Camper Van

Hymer Camper: Types Of Motorhomes
Hymer Camper: Types Of Motorhomes

There are so many similar camper vans that are designed with common features by different companies and models. But we are here talking about Hymer Campervan that is produced by professional motorhome manufacturers.

VWT1 is a so-called cucumber that is modified to a Hymer Campervan for two people. They can travel and stay in it for nights.

There are also some vehicles are bigger like Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot Boxer, etc, these vehicles give you low fuel consumption at high speed. This way you can visit more and more places within a short time and smooth traveling.  

If two people travel in this Hymer Campervan they would be easy but if you increase the number of people it would get congested.

2- Alcove Hymer Camper

This type of Hymer Camper is very common in Europe while traveling. It also has a sleeping place over the cab of a driver. It is made for two people and its structure is called Alcove. With the facility of bed, it has all the other basic features like a Hymer Camper’s van. Alcoves are popular because of their low pricing and big space. More than 5 people can adjust in it with their luggage but it is made for two to three people. It has wide beds and comfortable seats. It is small in size but easy to drive.

Only a drawback is that it consumes so much fuel that effects the budget and driving too

3- Semi-Integrated Hymer Camper

Hymer Campers are also there in a semi-integrated version. The berths are partially integrated with the driver seat. It has no alcove above the driver that is used for storage. But it has lower fuel consumptions so it gives higher speed that travelers want. Although the height of the semi – Integrated Hymer Campervan is shorter than Alcove Hymer Campervan it facilitates fully.

4- Integrated Hymer Camper

Hymer Camper: Types Of Motorhomes
Hymer Camper: Types Of Motorhomes

Integrated Hymer Campervan is the most luxurious one. It has a solid structure with an integrated body with a cab. It is smooth and can adopt innovative solutions by the manufactures. These integrated Hymer Campers are created by manufacturers from scratch that makes it superior to semi – Integrated and alcove Hymer Campervan. It is expensive and has a high weight that decreases the capacity of loading.

5- Pick-Up Hymer Campervan

It is a better option for hard travelers that love to go on wilderness. Pickup Hymer Campervan has an open top and big storage area. It provides you a bed with a roof it also has a washroom and kitchen corner.


All the above information is provided for you that will help you to make a wise selection according to your budget and desired Hymer Camper layouts.

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