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If you are adventurous you could try your luck scuba diving or whale watching. However, if you would rather be lounging on the beach you can take to the water in a fun and affordable campervan hire from San Diego, California.

San Diego is renowned for its sunny weather and sandy beaches but that is not the only reason why you should think about renting a campervan for sightseeing trips. Of course you want to explore as much of San Diego as possible but also take advantage of the rental cost for the campervan hire and have some fun exploring the city at night. In fact, the night life is probably the best part of San Diego; you will find everything from skateboard parks to clubs with dancing girls.


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Sightseeing starts as early as the morning but you may find it hard to get into the city by yourself. Luckily there are a number of companies that offer group tours of the city. This way you can explore the whole of the peninsula without having to take on the stress of driving yourself and your guests around. The tours usually begin at the Vista del Mar Historical Park. You will find guided tours of the peninsula including boats that take visitors into the various historical areas of the city.

San Diego is famous for its water sports and this is also one of the main attractions for tourists who wish to visit this part of the world. For these travelling companies, sightseeing trips around the Bay of Mexico are a great deal. A day out at sea or even deep sea fishing is part of the experience and many companies now offer this type of sightseeing. Of course it depends upon how far you wish to travel. Even those who are keen anglers will be surprised to find that sightseeing tours on foot allow them to experience the Pacific Ocean up close.

Just north Of San Diego

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Just north of San Diego lies the Orange County Jail, where former politicians, celebrities and prisoners are housed when they are in custody. Visiting the jail will give you a unique view into a region where attitudes towards law and order are normally more relaxed. This is also a good chance to find out some interesting information about the county itself.

As well as visiting the various tourist attractions of the region a cheap campervan holiday can be an excellent opportunity to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Los Angeles is famous for its fashion industry, movie industry and downtown congestion. Your company can help you arrange a trip to the Hollywood Bowl or take you on a tour of the many other cultural attractions. This type of trip allows you to experience a different side of life in America.


There are many other opportunities for your company to travel throughout the country on a very cheap campervan. Your driver will be able to tell you about the history and architecture of cities like New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Many cities offer a free day tour of their monuments, buildings and parks. These trips will give you a true appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. Once your tour has been arranged by your company you will need to decide whether you want to stay in a traditional campervan or rent a modern vehicle. Both styles of travel are suitable for anyone from families to couples. In fact it is even possible to rent a luxury campervan if you are so inclined.

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