Glamping: A Complete Guide For Your Better Understanding

Glamping: A Complete Guide For Your Better Understanding


Glamping is a new approach to do camping with all the facilities and luxury. American has introduced it. Glamping represents Glam Camping which means you do camping with comfort and style.

If you are an adventure lover and your family also indulges in such activities then you have the best option in the form of Glamping.

 It is a unique camping platform with a house-like structure and facilities. You can stay there with your family or friends. It is best for newly married couples. In Glamping, you explore nature with quality living.

The Difference Between Camping And Glamping

  • Glamping

Glamping is a better approach to do camping. In Glamping, you have a pod, tepee, wooden huts or safari tents with all the necessities and kitchen accessories you have a bed, washroom, kitchen, and some sitting spot in it you have more spot than a tent.

The individuals who would prefer not to have the fuss of things it is an appealing alternative for them.

  • Camping

In camping, you need such a large number of things to take with you like tents, toolboxes, and camping equipment. Staying in a tent and facing so many problems is not a good deal at all particularly in winters.

So This is a solution as you have warm night stays and delightful mornings with all the services. You can go there any time throughout the year.

Advantages Of Glamping

  • Glamping can be an educational tour with your family or children. Children love open-air activities they will learn with lots of fun.
  • It will remove all the pressure and the rushed life environment and improves your concentration and gets a positive change in you.
  • It provides a luxury stay around nature. You appreciate with home comfort that would be like hotels
  • Almost all the sites provide games like hiking, swimming, zorbing and so on. Children love to play around so it will be a fun up for them
  • Your guest can visit as you are given a lot of space and various facilities.
  • You have three to four beds with dining and cleaning services.
  • You additionally have an experienced staff that guide you, serve you and entertain you
  • Much more comfortable than camping as you can keep away from climate issues or some other risks.
Glamping: A Complete Guide For Your Better Understanding
Glamping: A Complete Guide For Your Better Understanding

Types Of Glamping

Now a day, so many kinds of glamping sites are there. You can pick likewise all as appropriate housing with the bed, kitchen, washrooms, and dining with all the facilities of heating and cooling options. There are windows to enjoy the view and magnificence of nature.

The types of accommodations are listed below

1-Bell Tents


3-Tree Houses


5-Safari Tents

Top Glamping Sites In The World

If you are planning a trip, then it will be the best choice for you and your family.

Here are some top sites

1-Four Seasons Golden Triangle in Northern Thailand

2-Clayoquot in Canada

3-Dunton Hot Springs in the US

4-Eco Retreats in Wales

5-Mongolian Yurts in Vaud, Switzerland

Glamping: A Complete Guide For Your Better Understanding
Glamping: A Complete Guide For Your Better Understanding

Who Can Try This?

Glamping is getting vogue because of its accessibility to all the good locations. People love to participate in this kind of opportunity. It is also not very costly and a common man can also arrange according to his budget from normal to high class.

The difference just comes in facilities and locations. It is available with all price range you can even get it on low rent. The purpose is enjoyment, not trouble. Just plan your holiday within your budget.

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