Glamping Cars: UK Travel Guide

Glamping Cars - UK Travel Guide

Glamping – glamping being a UK term for camping – is defined as a holiday where glamping cars are used as part of the accommodation. As such, most tents, caravans, and other homemade structures are pitched in the car, so that your stay is a one-way trip with your vehicle on the outside.

Popular Types Of Car

This is the most popular type of car-based holiday now, but it can also be more expensive to get away from home and stay in a tent. But the advantages of a tent-based vacation far outweigh the cost, as long as you do a little planning and have a set budget.

Glamping Cars - UK Travel Guide
Glamping Cars: UK Travel Guide

Choose a Campsite

Campsites are generally available at the roadside, but you can also choose a campsite in a private location near to where you live. The advantage of pitching your car at the campground is that the owner will provide everything, from showers and toilets to barbecues and tents, so that your stay will be a warm and cozy one. But campgrounds also give you the added benefit of not having to worry about finding public transport to get you and your car home!

Camping: Glamping Cars

Camping at a campsite means you are not going to have to cook or clean up, which is very popular with families with children. But if you and your family like staying out all night, pitching your car on a campsite is probably not the best option. But if you need to, you can park your car at your campground and then get back to it at daybreak.

Cheaper Than Tents And Caravaning

Car-based holidays tend to be much cheaper than tents and caravanning. You can use the savings to go out and explore instead, taking advantage of the local cuisine, shopping, and other attractions in the area. If you plan your holiday right, you can save up to 80% on accommodation costs.

Cheaper To Pitch A Tent

Car-camping in the UK is very popular, and this is down to the fact that it is cheaper to pitch a tent than to throw a car. Because most campsites are independent businesses, they can provide the facilities that you need to enjoy the rest of your trip. They also often charge a reduced rate for cars – so if you don’t mind paying a bit extra, you can camp as cheaply as you like and enjoy the amenities that you would on a campsite.

New And Exciting Experience

This kind of holiday is a new and exciting experience for many people who want to explore and live off the grid at the same time, and this is down to the fact that camping allows you to get to a whole new level of self-reliance and autonomy. You might never have thought about doing any of the work, but there are many jobs that you can do on a camping trip that you wouldn’t do at home, and you’ll also get to explore the local area.

Caravans: Glamping Cars

Many people prefer to live in car-only homes, which are known as caravans. However, some people also find that trains are a little too isolated, so they opt for Glamping or Glamping in Cars.

Glamping Home

A Glamping home can be pitched in a tent, and many people prefer this option as they are often in the shade and at a lower elevation. Other people prefer to use a carport, because they can find an actual car to take them along with all the essentials in a caravan, like a bed and a fridge. Either way, a vehicle is ideal for traveling to and from a campsite, as you can use your car for transport and then return to the campground once you have cooked, cleaned, and enjoyed the evening meal.

Glamping Cars - UK Travel Guide
Glamping Cars: UK Travel Guide

Costs Of Glamping Cars

The cost of Glamping in Cars can vary depending on where you pitch your car. Although camping facilities are usually free at some campsites, some require a small deposit, so you need to check the rules and regulations before you leave. A carport can be pitched on the grounds of a campsite, or it can be pitched in the middle of a quiet suburban street.

Tent Based Caravans: Glamping Cars

You can choose from smaller camping tents to tent-based caravans, and you can even rent glamping cars for a day or two if you wish. It’s all up to you. If you do not enjoy the idea of sleeping in a tent, or you prefer something a little cozier, you can always opt for a glamping home and enjoy the view from inside a tent.

Final Words

Of course, the most popular types of car-based holidays are tents and camping structures, but these tend to be more expensive. And are generally found in high-traffic areas, especially during the summer months.

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