Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping In A Luxurious Way

Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping

Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping

Luxury vacations in a hotel or getting lost in nature? Don’t turn it over. With the glamping, you will have an adventure in a natural environment and also the benefits of a luxury hotel, in a privileged environment. 

But What Is Glamping?

The word glamping comes from the combination of glamour and camping. This more or less summarizes everything, although, in reality, the association of both concepts is contradictory. More specifically, it is a new offer of accommodation proposed by campsites. It means a charming camping style that distills the luxury of finding high comfort in relatively simple accommodation and usually in contact with nature.

Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping
Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping

While it is very fashionable right now, the history of glamping dates back more than a century. The rich Westerners who traveled in Africa made their trips as comfortable and luxurious as possible. It has taken a long time for this type of camping to become the current phenomenon we now call Glamping. More broadly, let’s say it is an accommodation offer that seeks to surprise the traveler by generating new sensory experiences.

What Can You Expect In A Glamp Site?

It is in a special or unexpected place. If you have always liked the idea of ​​camping, but you reject their real discomforts, glamping may be your thing then.

Perhaps the easiest way to summarize the glamping is to say that it gives you the same benefits as a trip to a traditional campsite where you have direct contact with nature but without any of its inconvenience. The campsite has always been understood as a means to go out in nature, relax, away from the stress of the big city and spend some time looking at a starry sky.

You can do all this in a purpose of glamping trip but without having to take a tent with you, or fight to install it, or eat badly or spend a night sleeping uncomfortably on uncomfortable mats and also have to leave the tent transformed into an oven with the first rays of the sun.

Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping
Glamping, A New Concept Of Camping

Some Of The Best Benefits You Are Going To Experience In Your Glamping Trip Are:-

  • For starters, you can expect this type of accommodation to give you access to hotel-type facilities: such as good beds, clean bedding and comforters, tablecloths, heating, private bathroom, and good quality catering.
  • Although Glamping is associated with certain benefits or luxuries, there are also options that fit not so high budgets, making it a closer activity for the general public.
  • It can be a paradise for sports lovers of all kinds. Activities related to nature such as hiking, mountain biking  
  • One of the best aspects of camping is sleeping under the stars. However, this means sleeping on the floor, in a sleeping bag. When doing glamping, you can sleep in a comfortable bed, under a transparent dome facing the sky.

A quick search on the Internet will give you hundreds of ideas of places to live this experience on your next trip.

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