Features of R-pod camper

r pod camper

If you want to know more about R-pods camper, then read this article.

R-pod is a lightweight, small and compact Rv perfect for camping. It has been the top choice of the families who want to go on a weekend or weeklong camping trip. In fact, even though it is not as big as any other Rv, its features make it a very popular choice among all types of campers.

R-pod features

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1. It has a length of 131 inches, a width of 65 inches, and a height of 91 inches which makes it easy to drive anywhere.

2. The ground clearance is 9 1/2 inches which means you can drive it even on rough terrain without any problem. Many campers do not like the idea of driving their Rv on rough terrain, but the ground clearance of r pod is enough to drive it without any problem.

3. It weighs around 300 lbs which makes it best for carrying anywhere you want. Even an ordinary sedan can carry this Rv with great ease.

4. The camper has a 19-gallon freshwater tank and a 20-gallon grey water tank.

5. r pod floor plan features a kitchen that has a 1-burner butane stove, 1 sink, and 2 cabinets to keep all your kitchen items.

6. It also features a bathroom with a toilet as well as a shower and vanity unit. Some campers feel that having an electric corded shower is not a good idea. However, R-pod comes with a removable shower head that can be used as a handheld to take a shower.

7. It also features a bedroom area where you have enough space to sleep comfortably and store all your stuff for camping.

8. There is a lot of storage space available in the Rv so you can store all your items easily.

9. At the backside of r pod, there is a patio door that can be opened to give you more space for enjoying nature. If you want some privacy then just close it with the help of zippers at night time or whenever you don’t need it.

10. It features 4 stabilizer jacks that help in leveling the Rv at a site.

11. It features a battery monitor panel, rechargeable batteries, and a 30 amp electrical hook up.

12. There is also an electric corded entry step for the convenience of campers who want to enter the camper without hurting their feet on any messy surface outside it.

13. You don’t need to go camping in the forest when you own an r pod camper. It is very compact and can be parked even in tight spaces like your backyard etc.

14. There are 2 entry doors, a storage tray over the door, and a rear skylight which gives it a cozy feeling while you enjoy your camping.

15. You can enjoy to the fullest while you are at your favorite spot because r pod camper features tinted windows, a swing-out stainless steel exterior grab handle, and an aerodynamic standup height for easy entry. These all features give it a stylish look which makes it the best Rv for weekend getaways or evening picnics etc.

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