Cheap and Affordable Camper Remodels

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Here is a list of vintage trailers and modern van builds for sale, everything from potential-rich relics hanging on by a thread, to the latest and greatest. In between those two extremes, expect to find consignment deals on all kinds of wheeled creations.

Flying Cloud

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69 years ago, Airstream built 55 Flying Clouds. We shudder to think how many of those have made their way to the great camp trailer park in the sky by now. Rare? You can bet you won’t pass another one coming the other way. Even better — this one sports the ever-cool, ultra-sought-after oval rear window. Sure, you could buy a lesser Airstream and add an oval rear window, but that would make you a bad person.


  • Make: Airstream
  • Model: Flying Cloud
  • Year: 1951
  • Exterior Dimensions: 23’l x 8’w
  • Title: Clean, in hand

1959 Airstream Tradewind

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There’s an old saying in the used car business. You aren’t just buying a car; you’re buying someone else’s problems. People do weird things to cars and trailers, and you never know what you’re getting. Fortunately, our 1959 Airstream Tradewind proves the saying can be wrong. 


  • Make: Airstream
  • Model: Tradewind
  • Year: 1959
  • Exterior Length: 24 feet
  • Interior Length: 21 feet
  • Title: Clean, in hand
  • Ask: $30,000

1958 Silver Streak

This ‘50s Silver Streak Clipper retains it’s original overhead lockers, galley, and heater. Other than that, the interior is gutted and a blank slate. These are built in the same style and quality as the omni-present Airstream and are high quality trailers. The exterior shows expected wear and tear for a trailer of this vintage. And, has one large dented rear quarter panel… luckily it’s not a compound curve panel that’s much more difficult to replicate and replace. Electrical and plumbing has not been tested for working condition. It’s sitting on brand new tires and ready to hit the road to it’s new home.


  • Make: Silver Streak
  • Model: Clipper
  • Year: ’58
  • Exterior Dimensions: 24l x 7’6”w x h
  • Interior Dimensions: 21l x 7w x 6’7”h
  • Title: Clean, in hand
  • Ask: $6500

Tin Bar Trailer

The first built-from-the-ground-up product from Camper Reparadise, the Tin Bar is a go-anywhere, do-it-all venue on wheels. The retro-style Tin Bar serves perfectly as a saloon, vending trailer, photo booth, DJ booth, green room, or just about anything else you can imagine. Use the Tin Bar anyway you like – make a statement with a bartending trailer that doesn’t skimp on looks or features. The interior seating and mood lighting provide a hip, cozy hangout at private or corporate events, while the expertly crafted aluminum exterior and warm hardwood construction creates the perfect backdrop or centerpiece for a photo sesh.


  • Make: Camper Reparadise
  • Model: Tin Bar
  • Year: 2018
  • Exterior Dimensions: 24l x 7’6”w x h
  • Interior Dimensions: 21l x 7w x 6’7”h
  • Title: Clean, in hand
  • Ask: $55000

These are some of the best vintage camper remodels for sale.

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