Cheap Affordable Campervans to Buy

Some people have a crazy idea of holidaying and chilling out. They wish to travel on the road in their own comfortable and all-providing campers. Many companies like Mercedes, Volkswagon and Ford manufacture their own specialized campers. Here is a list of the 5 best affordable ford campervan that you must know about.

The Family Camper

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This campervan is one of the most popular campers from Ford. These have been featured in #vanlife posts on Instagram too. This campervan has a sleeping area along with a modern kitchen area that feels very modern and amazing. The family who has this campervan is so comfortable with this that they do not feel like moving to a conventional house. This family camper is a rolling home type where one can make life-long memories. 

The Spartan Camper

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This family camper van is so amazing that it can easily give the toughest racer vans a run for their money. The GT Spartan is a bright and bold looking van that is not able to sneak up on your Persian enemies. It is also termed as the King of the day vans as it makes a perfect choice for weekend trip to a campsite. The Spartan Camper comes with a lot of amenities that can make living off the grid even more comfortable for longer durations. It has a luxurious seat that folds down into a comfortable bed. One can easily spend a relaxing weekend here. The camper has a pop top that offers extra height. It perfectly sets up to hook 240v mains in a campsite when you need to recharge it. 

The Wanderlust Camper

This is a handmade home by legend Sophie. It is a ford camper that is extremely cosy and is easily one of the cheapest and most affordable ford campervans. It can easily look like a log cabin in the woods. It is a perfect place to relax with a good book after a tiring day of hiking and exploring. It does not have anything worth showing off but is really a very appealing home. 

The Fairytale Camper

This fairytale camper has a grand design and you can even get it for rent for a few days. Dave campervan is an inviting looking Ford camper. It showcases a lovely apple-box draws and a pallet wood cupboard. It also comes with a hulk Hogan figurine on the spice rack. Driving this campervan is surely a lot of fun and it does take you back to your young and carefree days. It also proves that Ford campers can create a lovely wonderland kind of feeling on wheels. 

The Adventure Camper

This is one of the most adventurous campervans from Ford. It is built for adventure lovers and has amazing outboard gear that are perfect for off-road trips into the mountains. This one comes with solar panels and light bars. It also has bike mounts and outdoor showers. These campers have it all from running water, fridge, storage, countertop space for cooking and more. You can stand up comfortably inside and they also have a fixed bed where you can go and catch some sleep. You can get an off grid camper that is this adventure camper to just grab the wheel and enjoy. 

These are few affordable and best ford campervans that you can consider to take your family for a road vacation. These vans have everything you would need in a holiday home and traveling in them is way lots of fun especially for long distances.

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