Caravan Spares For Beginners

Caravan Spares - A Caravan Equipment Guide For Beginners

Every caravan needs maintenance after an amount of specific time. Having caravan spares will keep your mobile home in good working condition so you can enjoy your time in your RV to the fullest. If you are thinking of selling your caravan then investing in some Caravan Spares will mean you can command the best price when a buyer is interested.

Why You Need Spare Parts For Your Caravan

Whether you regularly visit your static caravan or have a mobile one that you take to the caravan holidays during the warmer weather, you need caravan spares to maintain it. To keep your trailer in good working condition, it is essential that you regularly maintain it and immediately undertake repairs using the appropriate caravan spares.

There are many spares that your caravan requires, and this guide is designed to take a closer look at them:

Cleaning Supplies:

First of all, you need to buy cleaning equipment for your caravan. You could buy a portable vacuum cleaner and one that has a telescopic tube so you can get into the nooks and crannies quickly. The kitchen benches could use a sterilizing cleaning product to keep them sanitary and clean, too.

Caravan Spares - A Caravan Equipment Guide For Beginners
Caravan Spares – A Caravan Equipment Guide For Beginners

For the exterior of your caravan, one of the best caravan spares you can buy is a high-pressure jet-wash unit. For mobile trains, you’ll notice that road dirt can tarnish the outside of the trailer and therefore this needs to clean thoroughly. Remember that you might sell your caravan in the future, and consequently, you need to keep it looking as clean as possible.

Shell And Chassis:

Make sure the tow bar is in good working order and grease or lubricate the connector, so it slots in nicely to attach it to your vehicle. The tires of the caravan need regularly checking as they need to have good tread and must be filled with the right pressures, so they work at their optimum. Cracked tires are hazardous, and side-winds could make it topple over if the tires aren’t in good working order. If you’re unsure about the quality of the tires, then it’s best to replace them before taking it out on the open road.


Having spare light globes on hand is always a bonus when it comes to caravan holidays, as you never know when your current ones are going to blow and leave you in darkness. Some caravans require the use of specially sized globes, which are often a bit more expensive, but you can always make your money back by selling them on with the van. It is also an idea to have a torch or two and some batteries on hand just in case you need to venture outside at night.

There are several other caravan spares and parts that your journey could benefit from having on hand, including appliances, repair kits, and first aid kits. Caravan spares will not only ensure that you are prepared for anything during your travels, but it can also help you to make a tidy profit when you plan to sell your caravan.

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