Choosing Camping Tent

Camping Tent – How To Choose And Buy

If you have never gone camping and you are thinking of doing it for the first time, then before camping you need to buy a tent. When you are going to buy a new tent, the first thing you have to keep in mind is what I will use it for? What kind of activity am I going to do? With that in mind, you will see that it will be much easier to choose the right camping tent. It is not recommended that if you go camping in a mountainous area, where there are significant temperature changes; buy a shelter for the summer. Always think about the use that you will give to your tent so that your purchase is more objective and analyzed, so you will not spend it in vain.

Read the following tips that you should keep in mind when buying your tent, these aspects will help you have a clearer vision of the product you need, so it will be much easier to know which tent to choose from all the existing ones in the market. 


How many people will sleep inside the tent? Depending on your response, you will know the capacity you need to house that many people. Here you have possible alternatives when choosing since you can buy a large camping tent, with a capacity for several people, or several small stores. Everything will depend on how you want to manage the space. We recommend that if more than four people will occupy the tent, and then buy one that is large and as tall as possible.

Water Resistance

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors is that the camping tent you choose is waterproof, both on the roof and on the floor. In general, the material of almost all the tents is waterproof. However, some elements wear out much faster so it is advisable to check the sealing and that the seams are of good quality.


Proper ventilation in the tent will prevent Co2 from condensing inside, and if it is hot, you will avoid bad times during your rest. It is recommended that you choose a camping tent that has a mosquito net, so you will keep the interior cool, avoid condensation and the entry of mosquitoes.


Weight is another feature that will depend on the type of activity you do if you intend to go hiking, hiking or traveling by bicycle, then, the store you choose should be as light as possible. If you take a car to your camping trip, then the weight will probably go to the second term since you will not have to load the camping tent all the way and so you could acquire a more giant, more spacious and extra-characteristic tent.


Currently, there are different types of models for a camping tent. Some are divided into small rooms, and others have more elongated cylinder-shaped plans with internal compartments to place shoes, backpacks, removable ceilings to appreciate the sky, etc. Choose the one you like best, and that meets the requirements you need, of course, if the store has some extra things, then what better.

Follow the tips mentioned above when you decide to purchase a camping tent.

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