Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping

The Camping Car Airstream Is Good For Camping

People are busy and wanted to get away for a while. Camping allows them to have the opportunity to unwind by going to the great outdoors. When you are out of the woods, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are alone. This article will give you some camping hacks that will surely help you.

Use A Cup As A Speaker

Undoubtedly, the sound of the birds chirping, a river flowing, frogs croaking, and leaves rustling are the best when camping. It makes you feel that you took yourself back to a simple way of living. However, if you think a little bit bored with those, you can just simply put your phone into a cup and make it as a speaker to play your favorite music. 

Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping
Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping

Keep Your Kids Busy

Kids can be restless and get bored easily most of the time, especially during long hours of driving. While the long drive can possibly make them tired and sleepy, but in the morning, they can be very energetic. Keep them busy by giving them activities to do, like making crafts or do a scavenger hunt at the campsite. For a more peaceful time, make it more challenging. 

Handy Firestarters

No one wants to carry an entire bag of charcoal and put it inside the car for camping. Simply put some charcoal in an old egg carton by filling the spots. When it is time to start a fire, just lit the egg carton. This is a simple way to get a fire out of the woods. Also, prepare a pile of dry woods just in case you run out of charcoal.

Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping
Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping

Prepare Medicine In Single Doses

Bringing the entire tube of topical creams or toothpaste can limit your space. Putting them into small strips of plastics or travel kits can give you single-dose packs. Just squeeze in a little size of the cream, toothpaste, or ointment into your travel kits or plastics then seal the ends. It is very simple. 

Drying Rack For Your Cooking Equipment

It is time-consuming cleaning your cooking equipment with lots of grease on it, and it is daunting to do. Prevent yourself from wasting time by drying off your cooking equipment with this hack. Bring along an old belt and a few hooks, then wrap it around a tree. You can leave them overnight. They will be nice and dry the next morning. 

Toilet Paper Holder

While paper toilet has many uses, there’s nothing worse than not bringing it during a trip or camping, especially if there is no portable toilet. It is hard to keep paper towels when you don’t have a container. However, you can use a discarded mineral bottle and make a small slit to pull it out. Now, your paper toilet is handy while making it safe and dry.

Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping
Camping Hacks: Clever Ideas You Can Do While Camping

Put Your Shoes In A Shower Cap

You don’t want to make your clean shoes muddy, right? While camping can make you soak wet in the mud, there is no way to avoid it. When packing up after camping, you might want to drive comfortably during long hours of journey. But where can you put your muddy shoes when you don’t want to put mud all over your car? You can put them inside a shower cap to ensure that other stuff won’t get muddy. 

Organic Mosquito Repellant

Everywhere we go, mosquitoes are present. It can be very dangerous when you get to contact them, and it can be fatal sometimes. Mosquitoes love to roam around and lay eggs in stagnant water. When you are out of the woods, you can hear them buzzing around your ears and sometimes surprise you with mosquito bites. Don’t fret. You can prevent this nuisance by doing this hack. Bringing bundles of sage and putting them on your campfire can act as a natural mosquito repellant. You can stay for a little longer out of your tent without even swatting those mosquitoes from time to time. 

Mark Your Route!

Are you planning for a hike someday? Make sure you mark your route so you will not get lost in the woods. Bring along a roll of biodegradable tape so that you won’t have to take them off the trees when going back to the campsite. You don’t have to worry about having them stuck and adding waste to the environment. Eventually, they decompose as the tree continues to grow over time. 


Now that you know some camping hacks, these should make your camping easier and hassle-free!

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