Campervan Tent Ideas For Your Next Long Travel Plan

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A campervan tent is called so because it is a tent that is put up on top of a camper van. Yes, a camper van in itself is enough when you go on camps. But sometimes, when going with friends, family, or many kids, there is only so much the van can accommodate. Hence, the need for a campervan tent. 

Campervan Tent Ideas – Benefits

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One of the benefits of using a campervan tent includes Not needing to pay extra for the space your tent is using on the campsite. Some tents sit on top of your van, and thus, no additional space is taken. 

Types of campervan tents include the classic tailgate tent – It is attached to the rear side of the campervan and the free-standing rear tent “base”, which suits many vans and provides extra-large space. Campervan tents can be there on the side of the vehicle, too, for instance, free-standing side van tents. 

Campervan Tent From The Best

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The tents are swift and straightforward to set up. The inside of the tents is spacious. The Volkswagen Campervan 4 Man tent can manage the sleeping requirements of four people. It has two inner rooms. It is also possible to stand tall inside because of the height of the tent. Therefore, it becomes easier to dress up and do other things. The Volkswagen’s tent has waterproof quality, too. 3000 mm for the roof and 1000 mm for the sides are its specifications. 


  • Set up the campervan tent in a few easy steps (VW T1 Camper Van Tent):
  • Gather and assemble all the different poles that are provided. The poles are made of stainless steel and fiberglass. 
  • Start with the steel pole structure first. It is used to build the upper form of the tent. 
  • Then start inserting the fiberglass poles into the steel structure. They make the bottom half of the tent. 
  • Open and place the outer tent over the assembled poles. Start from the top and drag the rest of the tent down. 
  • Then insert the base end of the poles into the fittings of the outer tent. 
  • Peg into the ground where needed with the help of a mallet. When it is too windy, then you can peg in guy ropes and tighten them. 
  • Now that the outer tent is completed, it is time to take out the inner tent. 
  • Firstly, make sure that the doors of both the outer and inner tents meet. Then proceed to clip the inner tent corner into place. 
  • Attach inner clips onto the poles. Make sure all the tent clips are attached to all the bars, both up and on the sides. 


That’s it. Your home is ready. After all, home is where the tent is! We have discussed one Camper Van tent here from one of the popular service providers in the industry. If you are able to understand the nuances of the best Camper van and be able to add it to the list of requirements you have for your comfort zone or your preferences for travel, choosing a campervan should be an effortless task.

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