Campervan Hire Adelaide – Take A Trip In A Campervan

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The twenty-minute city Adelaide is famous for touring the great coastal areas, river torrent, mountain hills through a campervan. Campervan Hiring to tour the cities in Australia is widely famous. Many businesses are even involved in the campervan hiring process for the tourists to make the visiting more comfortable and convenient. Campervan Hire Adelaide would cost around $30 to $100 per day depending upon the style of the campervan, the time (on season or off-season), and of course, the company chosen. 

Campervan Hiring Benefits

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Campervans are better for road trip journeys than cars. Campervans reduce additional trip costs making the trip more budget-friendly. Due to the kitchenettes in the campervans, people have the choice to prepare their own food while traveling rather than spending money on restaurants. A campervan is indeed comfortable to travel with and is also flexible. The flexibility of the campervan means to have to stop in any location the people wish to stop whether for taking amazing roadside pictures or watching the sunset. An additional benefit that a campervan offers is the quality time that one spends with the family. One may also bring any kind of stuff of one’s liking to the trip and can explore the destination in whatever way one wants. There are even camper sites to stop the vehicle to rest and relax. 

Best Time To Hire Campervan 

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There’s a particular time for tourist visits where one can get the most worthy views of the sites. For Campervan Hire Adelaide, the best time to hire would be in September or May. One may get a double Perth campervan for just $29 for one day in an off-season January which would become $70 in May. This makes a huge difference due to the tourist flow seasons. One can choose any time of the year to hire the campervan, but one must keep in mind the purpose of the hiring. If it is to witness some amazing natural sites, then one must go for the on-season hiring to get the best views of the tourist sites. 

Top Rated Campervans Hires

There are several types of campervans that are luxurious, midrange, or even cheap. Some luxurious camper vans include Ford Transit, Mazda Bongo, and Mercedes Sprinter. These are expensive hires due to the luxurious and comfortable spacious surroundings it provides. There are several campervan hiring agencies that let one hire campervans in Adelaide. Some of the well-known companies are – Apollo Motorhomes Holidays, Britz Campervan Hire Adelaide, Camperagent RV Centre, Maui, Hippie Campers, etc. All these companies are highly rated and recommended by people that provide the best deals on hiring campervans in Adelaide. Travelers can also choose from a wide variety of campervan types such as one way campervans, two-berth campervans, four-berth campervans, or luxurious six-berth campervans having washrooms. Two-berth and four-berth campervans may have an option for people to choose with or without washroom facilities. The prices also differ in the choice. 


Adelaide is amazing for road trip journeys to the wildlife, beaches, and awesome natural sites. Hiring a campervan would certainly be a plus point over a personal car. Campervan lifestyle and the experience is a bit different than normal road trips by cars. One must make sure to hire a campervan while touring south Australia to make the experience worthy and delightful. Happy Journey!

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