Camper Trailer – Campers That Are Easy To Set Up And Take Down

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A rear fold camper trailer is a good option for most travelers. It is designed with a spacious rear section that opens up for storage during travel and then folds back into the unit when you arrive at your destination. These campers are designed with large ceilings and wide doors. There is plenty of room in the back for your gear and for luggage or accessories. The large bedows that come with most campers offer excellent support for long distance travel. The bed will collapse into an organized second sleep area when not in use.

The basic design of a rear fold camper trailer uses a poly block floor that offers flexible floor space. The poly block flooring is designed with rollers that allow it to be pushed back and forth as you move the trailer along. The floor has a waterproof seal on both sides, but some have a zipper to seal the seams. The floor can also be manually lifted to open up the trailer’s rear cargo area. The floor also provides good ventilation and is resistant to punctures.

An Overview

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Both the bed and the floor feature heavy duty aluminum frames and are designed to be tandemed. The tandem construction makes them easy to move even with two people in the back seat. This makes them a great choice for travelers who need the space for storage but who aren’t interested in being bussed to and from the campsite. People who like the convenience of having their own vehicle to drive to the campsite can appreciate the trailer’s ease of access. These camper trunks are available in sizes to fit most standard family tents.

Although the camper’s roof is low, it offers good headroom and enough storage for any item that won’t fit inside the bed. Many consumers prefer a rear fold camper trailer that offers better storage than the ones that are high on the ground. The main advantage of this type of design is the ability to access the trunk from the ground. That means you won’t need to lug around a lot of equipment or bring your tent along with you if you want to make quick trips. Just plug the unit into an outlet and off you go.

Camper Trailer Facts

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Most full-sized campers use rear-facing wheels for transportation. A full-sized camper trailer will usually be able to accommodate two adults and one or two children under the age of sixteen. A rear-fold camper trailer offers many advantages when compared to the full-sized variety. For instance, a full-sized camper trailer can only carry a maximum of thirteen kilograms (that’s ninety pounds) of goods and it has an empty weight of ten thousand kilograms (more than twice as much as a standard camper trailer).

Full-sized campers offer three seating choices, but there are also single and double beds. If you’re planning on going on an extended trip that may include numerous stops along the way, you can opt for a double bed. The twin mattress arrangement provides more sleeping space than the single model, and it allows you to get more room in the cabin.

You’ll also find two different types of camper trunks for sale. There’s the traditional tent camper trunk, which offers both living and storage space. Then, there’s the more modern tilt-up tent camper trunk, which eliminates the need for the traditional tent. Both have their benefits, and it’s up to you to decide which option will best suit your needs and your budget. Most trunks come with a storage tank that can be used to store camping gear, or can be used as a small refrigerator if you’re frequently bringing food to the campground.

Bottom Line

Rear fold campers, like other lightweight trailers, are easy to set up and take down, and are most economical when it comes to gas consumption. That’s why many camper truck owners prefer to have rear floor campers. The convenience and economy provided by these campers is another reason why so many people choose them for traveling or camping trips. The next time you head out on your next trip, consider having a rear fold camper trailer instead of the traditional side-by-side models.

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