The 5 Best Camper Cars For Camping

camper cars

Those who love to travel, go camping, and live a luxurious life, camper cars must have crossed their minds. These campervans offer comfort, convenience, and an adventurous kick for long-distance road travels. If you are looking for the best camper cars, then we have short-listed a few for you.

best camper cars
Best camper cars

Best Camper Cars

Peugeot Rifter 4×4 Concept

Peugeot’s base model camper car Rifter is a very tame and European style camper car with a very modern take on the SUV. It is a vehicle that offers better function than looks. This one is a higher-end form of the Rifter that is a lovely blend of form and function. This is easily one of the sharpest and most capable camper vans ever made. It comes with stylistic embellishments that start right from the bumper to the steering wheel. It comes with an 8 cm lift kit with a dangle 4 x 4 transmission. This helps to clear obstacles and also has a powerful light bar and a root-mounted Overland tent that provides ample sleeping space. The Rifter camper van is a force that you will love to be reckoned with. It is designed for adventure lovers and can go anywhere and do anything.

Volkswagen California Camper Van

The Volkswagen California is a well-balanced option for camper vans. It comes with a range of modern technology and safety features such as driver assist, clever parking features and smart-cornering halogen light. It also has classic touches such as manual transmission. This campervan is a practical German engineering marvel that is too good to be true.

It has a clever space-saving design right from a pop-top roof that allows 4 adults to sleep well to a removable camping table and chairs that can be stowed neatly when not in use. It is not the biggest or the flashiest vehicles, but definitely a great choice for a campervan for camping.

RB Components Sawtooth Touring Van

RB Components company always comes up with bells and whistles and this Sawtooth Touring Van is a neat example of this feature. It is built on a very capable chassis of a Merc Sprinter. This campervan comes with a full-sized awning and a top-bottom front light bar. It has a huge freshwater tank and a full kitchen, bathroom and two dining areas with integrated solar panels. It also covers a built-in outdoor barbeque along with a 5-foot snorkel. You get the feel of camping at the bottom of a pond. This one is not a camper or a touring van, but a self-contained and escape machine. You can even rough it out when you are alone in the woods or take along 5 friends for a short road trip.

luxurious camper cars
Luxurious Camper Cars

Winnebago Revel 4×4

 The Winnebago Revel is an amazing camper van that boasts of an engineering marvel. It is an adventure-ready travel vehicle that has a 4 x 4 transmission, 325 ln/ft of torque and enough space to pack away camping gear and other articles you might need while camping. This van has an old name in the market for camping vehicles. It has a confident build and an impressive service network available nationwide. The campervan comes with an integrated roof-mounted solar panel and an impressive electrical system that powers up your fridge, heater, stove and lights too. You do not need an extra propane tank for this. All you need is a gas station and that’s about it.

These above are few of the best camper cars for camping fun. So if you ever plan to go camping in a vehicle with family or friends, you can consider getting any one of the abo

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