Best Conversion Van For Sale In 2021

conversion van for sale

From road trips to camping, everything is fun with a conversion van. But these vans are not easy to get. They are pricey which makes things tough. On average, a conversion van costs about thousands of dollars and more. Its price can even go up to $2,00,000 or so. This is why many people resist buying one. But what’s the solution? Well, vans can be costly still there are instances when price drops in the form of sales. Sale is the time that you should not miss and grab the best deal you can. That’s why here are some of the best conversion vans or camper vans that are on sale out there. 

The Free Bird

This is one of a kind camper van which is made upon Nissan NV200 cargo van. It is suitable for camping, road trips and other purposes too. It has one portable kitchen as well as a large storage box for convenience. As for the lighting, there are LED lights that stay on budget and for a long time too. USB cables are also attached that give an advantage to buyers. The main cabin is very unique and the best part is it contains everything a camper needs for camping. In terms of pricing, this van comes at an average price of $38,000. This is a great opportunity for those seeking value for money because The Free Bird does that. 

Off Grid Adventure Vans

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These vans start for $67,000 and can go up to $70,000. The off-grid adventure vans are a bit expensive than the other options but they are still cheaper than the average. The most fascinating aspect about the off-grid adventure is that its environment is friendly. They were constructed keeping the environment in mind. Customers can get 4 different layout choices out of which the Rambler is the most popular. This layout is set for $36,500 and here you get facilities like a removable table, fridge, along with stove, sink, refrigerator, and many more. 

Boho Camper Vans

Boho Camper vans began for $30,000. These can go up to a price of $37,000 too. At an affordable rate, buyers can get portable toilets, fridges, storage cabinets, and so on. The van also uses solar energy for lighting purposes. So, it implies that it’s environmentally friendly. Buyers get the alternative to customize the tiles, floor, or overall interior if they want. 


Buying a conversion van is surely expensive. That’s why you should grab the best deal when it’s sale time. Companies lower some margin from the regular price which is a great opportunity for customers. Above you will find all those great opportunities. You can get The Free Bird at an average price of 38,000 or so. Off Grid Adventure Vans as well as Boho Camper Vans are some more amazing options. 

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