Best Cheap Campervan: List Of 5 Excellent Campervans You Can Invest In

Best cheap campervan available

With the Coronavirus pandemic having entered our lives, now you have more reasons to ditch our apartment and pursue our dreamy van life. Most of the single explorers prefer a beautiful life on the roads, inside their campervan. While the idea of setting off in a van and living our a wanderlust life at surreal places does sound amazing!!!! However, it requires investment (certainly huge). So, if you have no idea about what the best cheap campervan looks like; Or does it even exist; You are at the perfect place.

It has been your desire to become an explorer and leave behind the homely comforts to know the world’s real beauty. Well, we have brought you a few cheap options to make this dream come true. If you are ready to invest but a small amount, read further to know the best opportunities available in the market.

Find The Best Cheap Campervan

Go through this list of best cheap campervans you can invest in.

1. Boho Camper Vans

Phoenix-based Boho Campervans have come up with an Instagram-able, one-ton commercial passenger van which you will want to have at a single glance. They have amazing wood focused interiors and include storage cabinets, an electric dual-zone fridge, 340 watts of solar energy, and a portable toilet. You get a small pull out table in the sitting area, and the bead is in the rear. Everything in the interior, from bedding and curtains to floor tiles and color, is customizable.

Cost: These vans are likely to cost $30,000-$37,000.

Best cheap campervan to buy
Best cheap campervan to invest in

2. Off-Grid Adventure Vans

If you are looking for options that are more environmentally sustainable, you will surely want this van. It comes with a foldable full-sized Murphy bed which can sleep two. In its place, you get a removable table and two long bench seats for dining or working purposes. There’s a galley kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, sink, and butcher block countertop.

Cost: It would cost you about $67,000 to $70,000.

3. Oasis Campervans

Unlike other smaller campervans, this looks more like a mobile home on-the-go. It has the main living room with finished floors, pull-out drawers, and a movable table. The most innovative part is the foldable chair that can be transformed into a part of the bed that can sleep two people. You also get a fold-up kitchen table, large countertop, sink, and drawers.

Cost: You will be charged approximately $8,500 for a full van conversion.

4. The Free Bird

This campervan conversion uses a slide rail system that lets you switch from the camper van to cargo hauler. You remove or install the components within a few minutes. There is a series of boxes where all your essentials can be stored. It has a slide-out kitchen box in the rear. You also get two USB power ports, dimmable LED lighting, and a 31-quart fridge.

Cost: The prices for van and conversion start from $38,100.

Best cheap campervan you need
Best cheap campervan for you

5. Glampervan

This is a San Francisco based company that offers you multi-use vehicles. You can haul them as trucks, create mobile offices, or go on a vacation. Glampervan comes with a customized build for two people. It has a galley kitchen, large storage space, and cabinet. There are a Murphy bed and other necessary supplies to let you rest.

Cost: Its price starts at around $30,000.

Final Thoughts

Van life is no longer what it used to be. Campervans now come with the pop-top sleeping spaces, coffee machines, full-blown extensions, kitchens, and toilets. You’re probably going to have a comfortable time out in the wildernesses. Now, when everything looks so impressive, get ready, invest, and set off!

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