Best Caravan Camper Cars to Invest In

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You’ve watched the camper van conversion documentaries, you’ve scrolled through the #VanLife Instagram hashtag and you’ve intricately chosen your interiors and mapped your route. What’s left? Oh, just selecting which of the best camper vans you’d like to house your next adventure in. Here are some of the best worth investing in.


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Think of American camper van life and you’ll think of Airstream. This iconic brand is renowned for its aerodynamic vans, fusing comfort, technology and convenience into stylish vehicles that bring your road trip dreams to life. Travel in an Airstream and you’ll travel with the knowledge that you’re safely exploring one of the best of the best. 

These vans are just as stylish inside as they are on the outside, ideal for groups up to eight people and kitted out with all the essentials and more. Their premium price is more than justified when you’ve taken a deep dive into Airstream’s endless amenities.


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Mercedes-Benz camper vans are camper vans for those who want to taste the outdoors without forgoing luxury. Elevating the camper van scene with rugged elegance and charm, the Mercedes Sprinter Camper van offers a new taste of freedom that’ll more than encourage you to book your next adventure. 

These vans come with all of the necessary parts and bolts, but with additional benefits: LED lights, bicycle racks and roof rack systems. And, of course, these camper vans come with all of the best qualities that Mercedes-Benz is known for: superb engineering and innovative design.


Boho doesn’t produce camper vans, it produces Adventure Vehicles – capitalisation definitely deserved. Step inside one of Boho’s unique, stripped back, thoroughly wooden vehicles and find yourself transported into a world where nature reigns supreme. Built in Arizona, Boho’s camper vans are crafted from the ground up, using your inspiration every step of the way. 

The beauty of buying from this brand comes from its bespoke style: either design the van yourself, perfectly tailored to your adventures or rent one of Boho’s existing vans for a temporary taste of freedom. Better yet, Boho also supports local businesses and charities, as well as offering trip upgrades that donate towards national parks.


Put your mind at rest by exploring the world in a Volkswagen camper van. Strong and sturdy like everything the brand produces, these tough vehicles are designed to last and stand their ground. Reassurance comes paired with vintage-inspired designs and colours, putting you and your family into your own, postcard-perfect adventure. 

Efficient engines, high-quality interior fittings, modern infotainment and driver assistance systems bring everything together for an ideal family holiday. There’s a good reason millions of people opt for Volkswagen cars: buy a Volkswagen camper van and you’ll realise they’re equally as dependable as their smaller siblings.


Another iconic name in the world of camper vans, a Winnebago motorhome or camper van is almost always going to be one of your first choices. Because it’s hard to fault the brand: once you go Winnebago, you rarely go back. Quality craftsmanship and an almost guarantee of pure, undiluted fun, means you’ll find yourself with automatic friends if or when you stumble upon another Winnebago camper van on the road. 

Industry-first technology and an advanced parts supply system keeps this camper van brand ahead of the game. This, when paired with its decades of knowledge and experience, means a Winnebago camper van is always a good idea.

These are the best caravan camper cars worth investing in.

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