Amazing Tips For Cheap Campervan Rental Christchurch

cheap campervan rental christchurch

Amazing Tips For Cheap Campervan Rental Christchurch

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Did we hear that you are on the brink of taking up a vacation in one of the most visited tourist attractions on the planet that are simply beyond comparison? Is it Christchurch? Voila! We would want to congratulate you for choosing one of the most sought after hotspots of the world that unleash a charismatic appeal from every corner. Christchurch is absolutely worthy of your visit. Let’s be honest; New Zealand is not a cheap country to travel to. Well, if you’ve been looking at hiring a motorhome or campervan in New Zealand, then you’ve likely already realized this also isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s pretty expensive! Here are some tips for cheap campervan rental in Christchurch.

Go In The Wintertime

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I know, travelling around New Zealand in a campervan in the winter doesn’t sound 

Select Right Company

If you’re a savvy buyer, then you probably already know that you don’t always get what you pay for. Well, here I’m to tell you that campervan hire in New Zealand is no different.

Some rental companies charge more for less, whereas some of them offer amazing campers for good value! So, you need to shop around and pick the best deal for the type of camper you are looking for.

Basically, when we were in New Zealand, we rented a campervan from Mad Campers. They provide the BEST prices, and their service and campervans are lovely. However, we liked this small, locally-owned company so much and had such an incredible experience that we wrote an entire Mad Campers review.

Narrow Down Your Campervan All Requirements

If you want a cheap camper, you should have to go basic. Larger campers are more expensive than trailers and motorhomes. However, some campers offer enough room to stand up in, and while this is much helpful, it is a luxury and comes at a premium

Book A Campervan Location Transfer

The cheapest option for getting a campervan in NZ is to take part in a location transfer. What do I mean? Well, campervan companies usually need to get certain campervans to specific locations for customers to pick-up. That is why, instead of paying someone to drive the campervan to where it needs to be, the company gets a visitor to drive it for free (or very cheap).

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