All About Volkswagen Campervans

volkswagen california campervan

The Volkswagen California campervan belongs to one of the first groups of touring motor homes. It has been on the market since 1970 and has many loyal fans throughout the world who have used it with pleasure and without complaint. In this article we take a look at some of the reasons why the Volkswagen California cameraman is such a popular vehicle.

Excellent Interiors

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First of all the most important reason behind the popularity of this camper van is its excellent interiors. The Volkswagen California campervw is an ancestor of the classic VW camper, hence its interiors, which are simple yet classy. The quality of the manufacturing and the fittings of the Volkswagen California campervan are second to none, making it a true home on wheels. In fact its popularity stems from this fact, many travelers taking this vehicle on long road trips prefer using it as their home away from home. With spacious interiors, comfortable seating and air conditioning, it is little wonder that the popularity of these VW camper increases year after year.

Luggage Space

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Another reason for the popularity of these vans lies in the great cargo space it offers. At just over 2021 cc’s, the Volkswagen California campervan easily fits into any luggage space available in a regular airport. This makes it very convenient for people carrier who need to travel long distances with their possessions. Also since it can easily fit through most airports, it can be easily transported from one city to another.

One of the best selling Volkswagen camper California models has the popular “tennis bar” interior. The bar adds a new dimension of fun and relaxation to the California model. The bar provides ample space for a variety of sporting equipment like tennis balls, golf clubs and a fishing pole. Also added to this list is a mini bar which accommodates six or eight cans of beer. All these amenities make the Volkswagen campervan vw california t6.1 an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts.

Cargo Space

Another great aspect of these Volkswagen camper California t6.1 s also highlights the great cargo space it offers, with ample room for carrying all kinds of luggage. It has a pop-up roof that conveniently pops up when needed. This is great for travelers who need to reach their accommodation quickly without having to climb over the top of their luggage.

Volkswagen camper van California buyers can take advantage of a number of facilities offered by the company. For instance, it has a rear bench that converts into a sofa during the night. Also, it has a center storage compartment with cupboard and shelves. This can be used for storing various items such as blankets, pillows and books. The rear bench has a storage bin that can accommodate bikes. It has also been designed so that the pop-up roof can be opened during the day to provide a shady area for people relaxing on the beach.


As you can see, there are lots of facilities that this vehicle offers. As far as comfort goes, it is up to you to decide whether you want it spacious or cozy. As far as storage and utility is concerned, you will have two options – the rear bench or the auxiliary heating system. Those who wish to have a luxurious feel can go for the luxuriously plush seats in the Volkswagen California Campervan. Those who want to make use of its auxiliary heating system should opt for the Volkswagen California Cabriolet.

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