Affordable Camper Vans for Sale

camper vans for sale

There’s a new class of camper companies looking to deliver the van life experience but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll have to sacrifice a few things — like dreams of a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter — but these five companies show that you can have a sweet camper van for under $70,000 — van and conversion included. This is van life on a budget.

Off Grid Adventure Vans

Cost: With 2020 Ram Promasters starting around $30,000 before options, the cost of a brand new van with Off Grid Adventure runs from about $67,000 to $70,000.

Key Features: We know $70,000 may not seem affordable to most, but Off Grid Adventure Vans aims to produce a more environmentally sustainable, budget-conscious van, and these vans are much cheaper than most conversion van companies.

The company offers four different layouts. The Rambler — which costs $36,500 for the buildout — is their most popular layout on the 159-inch Ram Promaster. In this model a full-size Murphy bed sleeps two and folds up when not in use. In its place are two long bench seats with a removable table in between for working or dining. Overhead cabinets and built-in cabinetry provide storage, while a galley kitchen includes a refrigerator, butcher block countertop, stove, and sink. Interested? Head over here to read about their other layouts.

The Free Bird


Cost: Starting at $38,100 for van and conversion

Key Features: Built on the Nissan NV200 cargo van, the Free Bird uses a convenient slide-rail system that makes switching from camper van to cargo hauler a cinch. The slide-and-glide system allows all of the components to be installed or removed in about two minutes.

The main cabin is a series of boxes that hold everything you need to camp. The kitchen is accessed from the rear in a slide-out kitchen box; it consists of a portable butane stove and two storage drawers. Another large storage box behind the front two seats houses a deep cycle auxiliary battery that powers the dimmable LED lighting, two USB power ports, and the 31-quart fridge. Head over here for more info.

Boho Camper Vans

Cost: The price of the buildout is $36,500, and vans will cost between $30,000-$37,000.

Key Features: Founded as a camper van rental company, Phoenix-based Boho Camper Vans has worked with different types of vans — like this one-ton commercial passenger van — to outfit them with a streamlined and downright Instagrammable look. With their vans in demand due to coronavirus, Boho Camper Vans have focused all production on the Boho Tall, with wood-focused interiors on a RAM 2500 High Roof 159. Each build out includes 340 watts of solar, an electric dual zone fridge, a portable toilet, and storage cabinets. The bed is located in the rear with a garage below, and there’s a small pull-out table in the sitting area. While the floorplan comes stock, you can customize the tile, floor color, interior base paint color, stain options, bedding, and curtains.

Oasis Campervans

A car parked on the side of a mountain

Cost: A full van conversion is $8,500, although design changes can raise or lower the price

Key Factors: Unlike other small camper van companies that use Nissan or Mercedes vans, Colorado-based Oasis Campervans converts the all-wheel-drive Toyota Sienna minivan into mobile homes-on-the-go. Oasis Campervan conversions include a main living room with pull-out drawers, a finished floor, and a moveable table for working. One of the most innovative parts of the design is a foldable chair that transforms into part of the bed with a helpful back rest, and when in the sleeping position the full-size mattress can hold one or two people comfortably.

Similar to a teardrop trailer, the van’s rear area accesses a small kitchen with a sink, running water, drawers and shelves, and a large countertop. Dinner prep is made easy thanks to a fold-up kitchen table, and in certain van layouts, the kitchen can also fit a slide-out drawer that fits a cooler or refrigerator. Head over here for more.

These are some of the best camper vans to buy.

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