8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Camper Car

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If you love camping, you probably own a camper car. However, if you have been camping without a car, we recommend investing in one. A good camper car will allow you to take your camping adventure to a new level. You will have the mobility and apt space to store your camping gear. Plus, you won’t have to make an effort to set up those tents. Well, if you are buying a camper van, consider these things before making your purchase.

Consider The Sleeping Space

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Most camper cars perfectly accommodate two people. However, if you want to add two kids, you will have to consider a beach seat that can be easily changed into additional sleeping space. You can have a single platform bed or consider setting up a bunk bed in the camper car. 

Pay Attention To Storage Solutions

The camper car you are buying should have ample space to store your camping and other adventure gear. Think of creating storage space under the bed where you can store your essentials. Also, pay attention to the roof of the camper van and make sure it can hold sufficient camping essentials.  

Low-Roof Or High-Roof Van?

Consider the height of the camper van before settling for it. Low roof cars can easily adjust inside a garage. However, high-roof vans don’t fit in a standard garage most of the time. Also, decide whether or not you want a pop-top roof. Such a roof will create a nice atmosphere whenever it’s popped. However, if you love camping in the cold season, a standard roof car is an ideal option to go for.


Make sure the cost of the camper van you are purchasing falls within your budget. Besides the price of the van, you also have to consider the insurance costs, road taxes, cost of converting it, and running costs. Consider how many miles will cost you how much along with the maintenance costs. Check out warranties for the vehicle to have an idea of what you are actually getting. 

Converting Your Camper Car

There are many different models of cars available that make for good campers. Before buying a camper car, design a rough layout in your mind of how you would be converting it to suit your camping needs. Think of the sleeping space, storage areas, and how you will be moving inside the car. If you think the particular model you are looking at meets your needs, buy it.

Purchasing A Second-Hand Camper Car 

Buying a second-hand camper car will save you lots of money. But make sure the used car is in good condition and free of issues before buying it. Check for leaks and patches. Inspect the engine and its parts to make sure they don’t have problems. Also, make sure the car is insulated. You also need to check out the electrical components and wiring. If the camper car has safety equipment, inspect it thoroughly. 

Seek Professional Help

If you are buying a costly camper van, get it inspected by some professional. You can hire a RAC-approved mechanic and go for a road test with him. If you are looking for a used car, check its history and ask the professional to ensure it’s the right purchase.

Think Of Powering The Car

A camper car can be powered in several ways. You can use solar panels, campground electrical equipment, generator, or the car’s alternator. If you want to power up the camper van using solar energy, check whether the solar panels can be installed on the roof. Setting up the panel will save you much when it comes to producing electricity.

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