5 Essential Campervan Equipment For Your Travel Packing List

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Campervan trips are very popular for adventure nowadays. These campervans feature beds and miniature kitchens, and these can also be transformed into dining tables. Campervan adventures offer you both modern and comfortable luxuries along with freedom of the wild outdoors. But it might be confusing for you to decide which campervan equipment you should pack for the trip. To help you out with this, here is a travel packing list of essential campervan equipment for you.

The Ultimate Packing List For Campervan Equipment

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To make your countryside adventure more comfortable, don’t forget to pack these essential campervan equipment. Have a look.

Portable Outdoor Shower

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Campervans generally do not include a shower due to space constraints. This is why you can carry a portable shower with you. You can use this even when you don’t have facilities; all you need is a higher place to hang the shower so that water can flow out appropriately. It works best for beach trips because you can rinse off the sand easily by using the shower.

Portable Lighting

Lighting can be an issue if you are planning to stay or free camp on unpowered sites. To solve this problem, you should pack portable battery-operated lamps as they do not require more resources and are easier than gas options. You can find these lamps in a range of styles. You can get the one according to your needs. 

Picnic Set And Fold-Out Furniture Set

Campervans are the smallest unit in the world of recreational vehicles and are lower in space. And you don’t get enough space to dine in. So, another essential piece of campervan equipment that you should pack is Fold-out Furniture or a Picnic set. It requires little space, and you can use it in a range of situations. 

Portable Barbecue

Along with a picnic set and fold-out furniture set, having a portable barbecue on the packing list can transform your dining experience in the campervan. Investing in portable barbecue is worth it for a campervan trip as it allows you to expand your vacation cuisine in the scarcity of resources. It is quite affordable and serves you delicious food. 

Wifi Booster Or Pocket Wifi

When you are in countryside areas with your campervan, you might face difficulty in connecting to the internet. And you require wifi to track your maps for travel routes, to stay connected to your friends and family, and many more necessities. This is why you can pack with your pocket wifi or a wifi booster. It will help you to increase the signal and extend wifi coverage. And hence is a great option to ensure that you are in connection with people you need to be.


These are some of the essential campervan equipment that will help you to make your campervan adventure more comfortable and stress-free. Make sure you do not forget these essentials and enjoy your campervan adventure to its fullest.

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