3 Stunning Vintage Campers For Sale In 2021

vintage campers for sale

Camping is one amazing way of connecting with nature. It refreshes the self from all the stress, pollution, and negativity. Having a camper on a trip makes it even more fun and convenient especially on harsh weather days. For camping enthusiasts planning for an exciting camping trip, here are 3 stunning campers in vintage style. Campers are usually quite expensive but all of these campers are on sale. Thus, you will get a chance to grab a great deal. It’s surely an opportunity that you can’t miss particularly if you love vintage. Pick the one which suits your requirements as well as your personality. 

Get 1960 Shasta Vintage Camper 

Vintage Campers

Shasta trailers are pretty popular among travelers in the United States. This camper version comes for $18,500 which is quite expensive. However, it has some additional convincing features. From the bathroom to couches, there are all the necessities. It’s also in great condition so you don’t have to further invest in it. In case you don’t like or find the 1960 Shasta too costly for your budget then you may also go for their 1962 and 1966 compact versions. Both of these arrive at $8,200 and $12,900 respectively. They both are lightweight and newly restored. These two are great choices for any trip. 

1967 Aristocrat Camper On Sale

Vintage Campers

The 1967 Aristocrat is one promising trailer you can purchase this year. It’s sturdy aluminum and stylish at the same time. It’s been priced at $11,250 in the current sale. The budget-friendly camper has all the basics such as a fridge, table, sleeping area, and even a place for storing food, tools, and other important items for your trip. A 1967 Aristocrat won’t be a wrong choice. This is the time to grab the best deal on a 1967 Aristocrat. 

1968 Thunderbird Vintage Camper

This restored camper is priced at $7,050. The Thunderbird model is cute as well as clean. It has the perfect atmosphere needed for a camping trip. The 1968 Thunderbird Vintage Camper has comfortable seating, a dining table, and a unique aesthetic. There’s a lot of space and no leakage problem with the camper. 


If you are someone who likes camping then the above-mentioned campers are something you would find intriguing. The 1960 Shasta Vintage Camper, 1967 Aristocrat, and 1968 Thunderbird Vintage Camper are some amazing campers you can grab at an amazing price since they are all at great discounts right now.  The 1960 Shasta Vintage Camper is a little costly but there are other Shasta 1962 and 1966 alternatives you can try. As for the 1967 Aristocrat, it is another great purchase you can make. Lastly, the 1968 Thunderbird Vintage Camper is not any less. So, you can reap most of the benefits at a small price.

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