3 Cheap Campervan Hire Alice Springs For The Best Experiences In Your Next Australia Trip

cheap campervan hire alice springs

Alice Springs is surrounded by ochre sands and hauntingly beautiful mountain ranges.

The city is full of arts, events, and culture despite its remoteness. Apart from being the heart of Australia’s Red Centre and one of the largest towns in the Northern Territory, Alice spring has many excellent locations for exploring the wilderness’s natural wonders, including Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Road trip by hiring a campervan is the best way to explore Australian history and culture at its finest. Now you may be worried about the piece for road trips in the center of Australia. Well, it’s true it costs money but doesn’t have to empty your pocket if you know how to choose a cheap campervan to hire Alice springs. Continue to the post to learn more about it and drop in to choose the best cheap campervan hire Alice springs.

Tips While Choosing

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Look for availability of Amenities like cooking and dining facilities. You should Prefer a campervan with its water treatment plan.

While going for a cheap campervan, hire Alice springs don’t miss out on things like insurance and liability reduction packages, especially when you have small children.

Cheap campervan hire Alice springs should have enough space for storing tents, thermal mats, and cheap campervan hire Alice springs


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2-3 Berth Hitop Campervan

HiTop 2 berth campervan built on Toyota HiAce has all the essentials for a comfortable and practical self-drive adventure of 2-3 people. The compact size of this cheap campervan hire Alice springs to help guests to navigate from destination to destination with ease. The highlighting feature is its functional form, which helps you to pull over, cook up a meal, and enjoy it at the comfort of your dining area at the rear of the main cabin. This cheap campervan hire Alice springs to have facilities for all linen, cutlery, and crockery and come with a radio and CD player to play your favorite music on the journey. You also have options for various insurance policies for the safety of you and your family.

2 Berth Picton Campervan

This cheap campervan hire Alice springs is the perfect combination of innovation with cost-effectiveness where you have the convenience of a permanent over cab bed. You will get facilities like a fully-equipped kitchen, shower, and toilet. If you are a young couple searching for a cheap campervan, hire Alice Springs, it is the best option. Dealers offer various schemes on this also. Built on a Toyota campervan, it is a smooth and reliable drive.

2 Berth Tamar Campervan

The highlighting feature of this cheap campervan hire Alice springs is the facility of convenient walk-through access from the driver’s cabin. It has a spacious living area, so it is ideal for friends.The kitchen has all the facilities for cooking like a gas stove, microwave, and cooking utensils. Automatic transmission and a turbo-diesel engine help you to drive it smoothly.


Cheap campervan hires Alice springs are the best option to get most of the trip to Australia’s center. You get a chance to explore the history, beauty, landscapes, nature on the road like never before. A cheap campervan hire Alice springs doesn’t make a hoke on your pocket but gives you once in a lifetime experience.

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